Aug 8

Key Elements To Be Tested In An E- Commerce Website

Picture1E- commerce business has been the most lucrative business segment for various business organizations due to busy lifestyle of the people and the ease of online shopping and goods delivery. This area has shown unparalleled growth opportunities and revenue collection due to the increasing expanse of the online business. However, to achieve stupendous success, it is necessary to perform A/B testing on various elements of your website so as to analyze the non- performing components of your commerce site. These are some of the areas of the site that deserves special attention while performing split testing to improve conversion rates.

  • Product detail pages- In an e- commerce store, it is important that your product page has all the right ingredients to grab your customers attention easily. The product page should have relevant product descriptions and details like pricing, available colour and sizes and other such information. An attractive product page can contribute in influencing customer behavior to a great extent and can help in increasing your sales. Further, to improve the usability of your product pages, you can perform A/B testing on numerous versions of the product pages so as to decide which is the clear winner for your e- commerce site.
  • Category related pages- Category pages are the pages that draw customer attention towards an e- commerce store and they need to be properly organized and maintained. These are the windows that display your available products in an elegant manner. Thus, they need to be properly maintained so as to invoke customers attention and interest towards them. You can also perform various A/B testing on the different versions of the category pages so as to analyze which one is the winner in terms of customer response and sales.
  • Home page- Your home page should offer your online customers a unique shopping experience compared to your rivals. The site visitors should be encouraged to invest their time and money into your site and purchase products of their relative interest. Moreover, the site should provide a seamless purchasing experience to the shoppers right from making the initial order to the final checkout process. This can be easily achieved by focusing on core areas like optimized product images, powerful call- to- action buttons, simple registration and checkout process. Further, eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks in the purchasing process by providing multiple payment and shipping options. All this can be easily accomplished by following the principle of split testing which stresses on the notion that “First test variations and then implement the changes”.

Although, there are other elements where split testing can be performed but paying more attention towards these three core areas can provide unprecedented lead to any e- commerce site. Further, by implementing tests in these areas, you can easily understand the huge impact a small variation can make into your conversion rates and will improve the user experience and usability of your e- commerce site.