Aug 31

Know Where User Focus Most And Where Least With Mouse Move Heatmap

Know Where User Focus Most And Where Least With Mouse Movement Heatmap | Mockingfish

Website tracking and monitoring is an important component that can drive conversions for any eCommerce store. You need to have a constant track on the visitor activity on your site in order to analyze how your website is performing. This tracking activity also lets you understand the browsing behavior of your site visitors for grabbing maximum sales and conversions.

If you want to keep a close monitoring on your visitor activity, it is time to pay a little attention towards this mouse move heatmap feature of the MockingFish tool. It is a remarkable heatmap that can record the mouse movements of visitors in a better way for better site conversions. Let us now discuss the various ways by which the analytical data of mouse move heatmap can help out your online business.

Areas of customer engagement on your site- Customers on a site are involved in certain areas of a site and often ignore the other such areas. By studying the mouse move heatmap information of MockingFish, site owners can have a clear idea about the interested areas of customers with the help of bright colored dots in the form of red or orange color. This heatmap data can help site admin have a clear idea about the website areas that grab the maximum attention of your site visitors.

It helps in providing the information about the actual website usability- A website is full of areas having maximum and minimum customer engagement that affects the overall usability of any site. Once, you know what elements are working for your site and what elements are not doing anything, it will be much easier to improve the usability of your website. All this critical data can be effortlessly accessed by the help of this mouse move heatmap tool for better site usability.

The tool helps in increasing the site conversions- With the information regarding the mouse movement of your site visitors, it is now a cakewalk experience to improve the performance of your website. MockingFish heatmap tool is one such initiative that can enhance the site conversions in a smooth manner. The data of this analytical tool can guide site owners in placing the crucial elements at the right place for grabbing the maximum conversion rates and sales. In this way, site owners can increase their conversion rates to a great extent.

Don’t under estimate the performance of a mouse move heatmap tool for ensuring optimum business results. With the careful tracking of the mouse movements on a site, it will not be difficult for any website to grab its share of conversions and sales. Try out the free demo of our mouse move heatmap tool by opting for the free trial of this heatmap tool. For more information and grabbing the free trial, just visit our MockingFish site at