Dec 23

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale | KnowBand

Festivity of Christmas brings the cheer for both the customers and business. Though most of the Christmas budgets are already spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, there are still some buyers who look specially for the Christmas deals to get their desired products at cheaper rates. You can always convert such deals with these last minute preparations on your eCommerce sites.

1. A sense of urgency via countdowns-

Deals are always for a short span of time. When you create a sense of urgency in your deals, you might get the hold of some confused customers who are always in dilemma. The countdown timers on your eCommerce site will surely do the job right. Encouraging the shoppers to grab the deals as quick as possible. For example, Amazon always opens the deals with its countdown timers and also show the percentage of deal already redeemed. This creates a sense of urgency in customers for sure, acquiring the customers in a shorter span of time.

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale 2 | KnowBand

2. Give a Christmas feel to your website-

Customer will visit your website, even if they do not want to buy anything. Curiosity makes everything possible. People familiar with your website might want to just take a look at your website for any exciting offer this Christmas season.

Be ready to grab those random customers and convert them with your exciting deals. Prepare your home page with a feel of Christmas. Showcase your best deals on the homepage itself. Like the one in the image below.

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale 3 | KnowBand

3. Free shipping during the festive season could be your USP-

That’s an understandable fact that providing free shipping to the customers would not be economical to the website owners. However, Adjusting your sale margin with the shipping cost might let you get the hold of a bunch of customers. The customers who look for the festive offers to shop online. Most of the time, customers are more into seeking free shipping rather than a small discount. It up to you and your accountant that how you adjust your shipping costs with the product sales margin. Most of the festive conversion rates experience a hike due free shipping itself.

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale 4 | KnowBand

4. Keep the best deals above the fold-

There are always some certain products on your eCommerce site which has a better conversion rate than the others. Take the charm of festivity to promote those products to fullest. Some of the conversion optimization experts might suggest keeping the low selling products in the limelight so that they gain a proper attention. However, my views say that Christmas is not the time for experiments. You cannot afford to forsake the conversion of best-selling products for the less popular ones. There are certain chances when these products fail to get the attention and conversion rate of best products dies too with such products.

So keeping, the already rocking products in the limelight is the best way to improve your total conversions rather than focusing on product based conversions this Christmas season. For example, the popular plugins and modules developer Knowband has kept it best selling modules in the limelight this Christmas.

Last minute conversion optimization for a merrier Christmas sale 5 | KnowBand

5. Keep blogging-

Content is always the king. If you want your deals to convert till the offer expires, keep writing contents. Content marketing will not only help you popularize your deals but will also assist in grabbing new customers even on the last day. Updating the blog section of your website for fresh contents on Christmas deals in the best of all the ideas. Most of the website traffic that comes to the lesser known eCommerce sites comes through these contents only. Ignoring this king tool is definitely a bad idea. So, if you want to keep up your conversion rate until the last minute of your deal, stick to content marketing.

These are the five last minutes ideas to prepare your eCommerce site this Christmas. These ideas do not involve any paid advertising, neither any tricky coding. You can adopt these simple ideas anytime and start converting your Christmas deals without any extra expense. So, keep optimizing have a Merrier Christmas sale.


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