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Less pondered methods to optimize your eCommerce conversion rate

Less pondered methods to optimize your eCommerce conversion rate | MockingFish

Conversion rate optimization is a key word when we talk about eCommerce operations. Mostly we see that there are various tools and techniques discussed to optimize your conversions on the digital arena. However, most of them are centered around certain common elements and provide a repetitive solution for the problem. Here in this article, we will take a look at those areas which are less talked about on the conversion optimization front, but carry certain potential to boost the conversions for your eCommerce website.

Some less pondered area in regards to CRO

Some less pondered area in regards to CRO | MockingFish


Mostly the focus of CRO techniques is on certain standard testing areas and tools which act as the driver of conversions. The cornered elements do have the potential, but are back-staged. Now, we will discuss on those neglected areas that can positively change the conversions of your eCommerce website.

  • The flash elements: Most of the CRO techniques fail to highlight the importance of flash elements on your website. Flash elements on your website include videos, banners, images etc. that have the potential to grab the attention of visitors. However, it is difficult to set up these elements for standard testing like the A/B testing tool. So, the elements often find themselves neglected.
  • Regardless of this, the flash elements prove to be a major reason for user’s engagement on your store. However, there are certain conditions that needs to be taken care of. For example, stuffing the web pages with flash elements will make them jumbled and distract the user from the major goal. Also, the unregulated use of flash elements might affect your page loading. Therefore, these elements are generally avoided by the CRO experts, but a guided use can prove to be of vital importance if done right.
  • Proper see off to the customer: Your job doesn’t end with customer clicking on the purchase button. To keep the relation going, you need to do something that cling’s the customer to your website. For this, you can offer discounts to the customer on next purchase. Allow him to get free updates of the products or simply assure him fast delivery and effective packaging. These small things help in building a strong customer relationship and earn some loyal customers for your online business.
  • Drive traffic from error page: A significant amount of traffic is driven towards the error pages of your website. However, this is the area which is never talked about. You can effectively channelize this traffic by providing your contact info or chat details on the error pages.This would, in turn, provide you with the force of an extra traffic base that can add to the conversions on your websites. This approach will redirect those customers back on the site who would have otherwise bounced from the site.
  • Assist the customer: Most of the websites are seen busy in driving the traffic on their CTA buttons that drive conversions. Most of the clicks that are made on buttons like product quotation, call back request, chat assistance etc go neglected. There is a big need to realize the fact that these clicks might be the first stage of the conversions. The visitor avoid making a purchase from your site if he/she is not satisfied with the response provided. Thus, you must give a look at these areas.

Final say

In order to stand out and deliver in the middle of such stiff competition, you need to adopt methods that are unconventional. The points discussed above will help you in analyzing the importance of these unconventional methods so as to make an informed choice on your CRO front.


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