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Major challenges in Conversion Rate Optimization and How to Pass them

Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rate optimization industry has been evolving ever since it came into existence. The same applies to the challenges that a business faces because of the inability to adopt the changes happening in the eCommerce SEO field. In order to have a smooth functioning of a website, one needs to address the challenges and shortcomings first and look on the brighter side later.

This blog would lay down the major challenges in CRO and how a business can pass them without hampering the results.

Lack of resources

Lack of resources is a common scenario for the businesses that are still starting up and catching up with the pace. After all, who would want to invest in a business that’s not even set up properly? The best way to get the budgets approved is by proving the value of your conversion rate optimization.

Fix: With the following steps, you can overcome the problem and achieve your target:

  • Check your pages for the credibility, relevance, and motivation
  • Continue to test your pages with A/B testing or heatmap testing the variables; and
  • Collect information from customer surveys, interviews, live chat logs and more

Lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge

CRO is a field that is rapidly growing and a lot of businesses are adopting the same in order to increase their sales, generate leads, make the sales bar go up and so many more. With multitudes of articles and blogs written on the various know-hows, the e-merchants tend to get confused. Having no knowledge about the structure of the optimization process, businesses are trying the hit & trial method. By performing tests on pages that they think would result in higher conversions is what they are getting into rather than doing it through the conversion research.

Fix: What can you do? Find them below:

  • Conduct conversion research to find the loopholes to rectify them
  • Keep these loopholes and think of the probable solutions (hypothesis) as your priority task
  • Run an A/B test to prove your hypothesis right
  • Conclude the test when you have reached a certain sample size.

Too many forms fields

Too many forms fields

So let us assume that you have created the landing pages and getting the traffic that was aimed at you. However, the visitors aren’t converting. Why?
The subscription box with a lot of fields that are supposed to be filled by the visitor is what makes them run away. If you really want your visitors to convert, make sure that the box has the most minimal information asked.

Fix: Step into the visitor’s shoe and think whether the questions asked by the eCommerce store important or not. Whether you would stay and continue filling in the details or leave the site that very moment? Your answer will decide whether the visitor would like to continue staying on the site or would leave. If you take a look at the visitor’s psychology, you’d see that a lot of typing is what they abstain from. Just filling in the key details and the rest being understood is what the trend is. For example, when your visitor types in the zip code, the rest can be the computer generated option from which they just have to choose. Making it easier for the customer would be one of the challenges resolved in CRO.

Lack of original images

Do you sometimes feel after looking at an image – hey! I think I have seen this somewhere? Well, when a person spends a luxurious time online while browsing the different online stores, he/she would know if they’ve seen that image somewhere else or not. Now you might ask how does this connect with the CRO challenge?

Well, if you use stock photos that are available on other sites as well, the credibility factor comes down and so does the originality of a website. If you don’t want to spend some extra money on getting an original photo done or buying it from some other place, why would you want your visitor to care about your products and services? In this blog by VWO, you’d see that both conversions and confidence level rising up.

Fix: Use original images of the products that you upload on the product pages and make sure they’re of high resolution if you want to build a positive company appeal.

Budget wrongly allocated

If you look back to the year 2013, you’d notice that companies invested only 5% or even less than that of the conversion rate optimization techniques. The scenario got better with time and a survey done by ConversionXL on Conversion Rate Optimization stated a lot of answers including the budget allocation. However, the allocation of that budget is still wrongly done and that’s what the challenge is.

Fix: For any company, before they decide on how much they’re going to allocate for Conversion Rate Optimization Services, they should think about the return from the same. Companies need to budget for the conversion rate tools keeping in mind the aim and actual gains.

The growth of CRO is evident from the number of websites pooling in, but because of the challenges that they face, the procedure gets slow and eventually looks like the drawbacks. This blog has tried to put down the challenges with the probable solutions for you all.


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