Jan 12

Online Shopper Registration- Yes, It Is Easy And Can Be Improved

Shorter and simplified registration forms grabs more customer attention for effective conversions | Mockingfish

Shorter and simplified registration forms grabs more customer attention for effective conversions.

Persuading customers to do a particular task on your website becomes a herculean task and the situation becomes even more difficult when you have to accomplish the crucial task of “Online customer registration”. Due to the increasing vulnerability of the online personal information in terms of the confidentiality, authentication and integrity, getting customers registered on your site is like “climbing the Everest only”. However, if you follow the right persuasive and customer engagement approaches, you can get a substantive amount of the site visitors registered on your website for providing a helping hand in your conversion rate optimization efforts. Take a look at these mind blowing tips that can do the needful for your business.

1. Make your online registration form more accessible to your customers- If you want your customers to engage effectively with your website in terms of the online registration, you need to make your registration forms easily accessible to your targeted customers. With the effortless accessibility of your forms, more number of customers will be ready to register on your eCommerce site in order to improve your eCommerce conversions. So, work towards improving the overall functionality and performance of your online forms.

2. Utilize the social login facility for faster sign up process- The increased use of the various social logins like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in, Instagram and others have clearly explained the impact of social logins on the registration process of a website. These frequently used social sites makes it easier for customers to login seamlessly and can help in improving the product sales and conversion rates drastically. Don’t press your customers to login with a new account every time but try to make the process a seamless task by providing account login through popular social media sites. With the availability of these social login facility, registering customers on your site would be an easy cakewalk.

3. Decide the appropriate length of your web forms-

Decide the appropriate length of your web forms | Mockingfish

Shorter registration forms increase more customer engagement for facilitating faster sign ups.

Include only appropriate and relevant fields in your web forms in order to keep your targeted customers engaged with your website. Forms need to have an ideal length for facilitating better customer engagement and to avoid being the nightmare for online visitors due to irrelevant fields. Don’t ask unnecessary information from your customers but try to limit the number of fields to only “what is important to serve the purpose of your website”. Try to grab the most of your customer information through limited number of fields for making the online registration process highly effective.

4. Show clear instructions on your web forms to improve navigation around them- Inform your targeted customers about what needs to be done on your web forms for facilitating faster form submission and to keep them engaged with your site. Specify clearly to your customers regarding the use of special characters, minimum character limit, case sensitivity, guidelines to be followed while filling out a web form and other such crucial information for ensuring active participation from your site visitors. Some of the common instructions that are provided to the customers for keeping them hooked to web forms are as follows:

– Provide clear information or highlight the areas that are having errors while submitting the given form.

– Provide walk- throughs regarding the filling up of your web form for ensuring a faster and seamless form submission.

– Include hints and suggestions along with the labels in order to provide a clear insight to visitors while filling out the form on your site.

– Use a proper validation that is faster and less time consuming in nature for facilitating quick form submission.

5. Try to reduce distractions for your visitors in order to keep them engaged with your forms- Don’t add anything that may deviate your targeted customers away from your site during the crucial task of form completion. Refrain from using any unnecessary navigational elements, images, banners, call- to- action buttons and other such site components that may take the attention away from your web forms. You need to work upon making your forms much simplified and faster for ensuring the active participation from your targeted customers. Just restrict your forms to what is relevant for the conversion rate on your site and don’t fall into the trap of getting unnecessary information from your visitors that may completely alienate them from your website.

6. Devise new ways to reach out to your customers- With the numerous instances of increasing online theft and forgery, it is important to devise new ways to remain engaged with your audience. You need to add a sense of personalization in your web forms for keeping your customers hooked to your particular website and can increase their active participation in the crucial task of form submission. The various strategies that can be employed to improve the usability of your forms are as follows:

– For keeping your customers engaged into your web forms, you need to use their names (First Name/Last Name) for providing them a sense of value and importance.

– Include visually appealing and detailed product images in your email forms for grabbing the instant attention of your targeted customers.

– You need to provide various promotional offers and deals in your website in order to persuade your customers to register on your website.

7. Take appropriate steps to improve your website loading time and performance- Online registration process is greatly affected by the loading time and performance of your website as no site visitor would like to spend time on a site that is taking too much to load. You need to remove heavy background graphics, non optimized images, Adobe Flash player files and other such web components that tend to occupy much space and eventually makes your site much slower in response and loading time. Further, you can utilize the java script files, CSS effects, mobile responsiveness and other such ways that can improve your website loading time and performance to a great extent. Moreover, with faster website loading time and performance, you can easily improve the customer engagement on your web forms irrespective of the device type and screen size.

8. Keep a track of your online registration activity for better site usability and conversions-

Keep a track of your online registration activity for better site usability and conversions | Mockingfish

Utilize the heat map features of Mocking Fish tool to improve online customer registrations on your website.

For making the effective conversions on your site through your web forms, it is important to keep a constant track on the performance of your web forms on your eCommerce site. By tracking your web forms through an effective heat map tool like Mocking Fish, you can check the possible loop holes in your forms that may be hampering the effective utilization and conversion ability of your registration forms. Further, there are other features of this Mocking Fish tool like click heat map, scroll heat map and insight heat map that can provide you clear statistical information to improve the visual appeal, usability, customer engagement and productivity of your web forms.

9. Simplify the checkout page for your eCommerce store- For grabbing the effective attention of your online shoppers, you need to simplify your checkout page for grabbing the instant customer attention, eCommerce conversions and reduction in shopping cart abandonments. Too much unnecessary fields in the checkout page tends to distract the site visitors from your website and in turn affects the product sales of your eCommerce store. Keep your checkout page strictly in accordance with your store requirements and customer expectations for achieving significant growth in the online customer registration process. Apart from this, store owners can take the help of an effective A/B testing tool like Mocking Fish that can test the two different variations of your registration forms to check which version is the most suitable for fulfilling your business aspirations and goals. It will further help in improving the visual appeal and customer engagement ability of your web forms.

So, don’t let your online forms damage the reputation, brand value, customer engagement and conversion rate for your online business. Always remember that “Easy and simplified registration forms are the stepping stone to your website success”, therefore, take the required actions accordingly.