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Jun 2

3 key Elements that can be tracked and optimized through web analytics tools

Tracking and analyzing site traffic is a key factor that help in improving the online popularity and sales of any business organization. By having a clear visual idea about the nature, interest, surfing behavior of site visitors, it is easier to persuade them for making a particular desired action on a website be it making

Jun 1

How to create a $million landing page (Part 2)

As, you have started the journey towards creating an appealing landing page, we take you a step further in this direction so that you can achieve your end results. With these valuable tips, you can easily dig gold with your landing page and can improve conversion rate for your website to a great extent. Provide

Jun 1

How to create a $million landing page (Part 1)

It is rightly said, “Whatever looks better has a higher chance to sell better” and this is not a hyperbole when it comes to the landing page of any website. It is the first page through which user interacts with your company and its brand and if it is unimpressive, you can’t expect a miracle

May 30

SEO practices that can drive E- commerce customers down the conversion funnel (Part 3)

In the last and final part of this 3 part series article- SEO practices that can drive E- commerce customers down the conversion funnel (Part 3), I am sharing with you some more tips that can help you build customers for your business organization. Take time from your busy schedule and adopt these practices so

May 30

SEO practices that can drive E-commerce customers down the conversion funnel (Part 2)

Now, starting our journey further from where we left in our earlier article titled- SEO practices that can drive E- commerce customers down the conversion funnel (Part 1), we are sharing some other SEO practices that can change the fortunes of your e- commerce company. Dealing with expired products- Products keep on changing with time

May 30

SEO practices that can drive E- commerce customers down the conversion funnel (Part 1)

Having an appealing e- commerce company is not the solution for a bumper sales revenue, you need to move a step further to understand the real game changer. You may be quite surprised to know that it is actually that search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that is actively playing the part behind the curtains. It

May 29

Few Call- to- Action Tips for an Effective Mobile eCommerce Site

Mobiles have today become an indispensable part of everybody’s life be it rich, middle class, urban, rural, student, working class and everyone else. It has suddenly become ubiquitous and due to its widespread social penetration and rich, business organizations have started tapping this resource into their favor. Moreover, when it comes searching for new platforms

May 28

Score High in the Area of Customer Feedback with These Platforms

For any thriving business organization, it is necessary to keep record of customer’s choices, expectations, feedbacks, suggestions and other customer related data so as to increase their sales revenue. Without involving customer in your marketing strategy, it is impossible to strike gold in your business segment. As, they are the ones that are driving the

May 28

Challenges that hinder your website conversions

The foremost role and liability of any website is its capability to increase customers for your business and to make your cash counter ringing. But, if it is unable to perform any of these functions, your website is not doing any good to your business at all. In changing business environment, numerous e- commerce websites

May 27

Reasons Why Social Media Should be Used Selectively for Improving Conversion Rate

The clout of social media has suddenly become huge and it has become an indispensable part of business organization around the world. You may have observed those social media symbols like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and such others on the website of different business organizations. Although its influence has been unchallenged in business sphere but