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May 27

Eliminate these Speed Barriers for a Faster eCommerce Website

Imagine you are going full throttle on a road and suddenly a speed breaker arrives. What would be your reaction? It is obvious that you will rebuke or critcize people for constructing the speed breaker and your entire driving experience will be spoiled. Now, consider a similar situation where customers have to wait longer for

May 26

Take Care of These Website Elements that can Make Your Website Fail

Not everything that are present on your website is actually beneficial in converting your site visitors into your potential customers. These elements can often act as a distraction for your customers and can affect your sales revenue. E- commerce websites also has certain features on their site that affects the usability and sales revenue of

May 25

4 Spices For a Perfect Content Recipe

The complete focus on SEO strategies and the stiff battle for improved search engine rankings have led to the development of wide scale content. But, the big question that arises here, Is that content really worthy to consolidate your position on the search engine rankings or not? It is a crucial question that could determine

May 23

4 Tips for Making Your Mobile Website Stand Out

To win a decisive battle, it is essential to deliver the big blow at the right time so as to turn the whole course of the battle into your favor. Similarly, if you want to capitalize the mobile market, you need to clearly understand its nuances to make a big impact. It seems to be

May 22

5 Tips to Improve your Conversion Rate Optimization

How to boost conversion rate optimization for a website? How to persuade customers towards call- to- action button for taking required action? These are some of the questions that have constantly arised in the mind of every business organization. But, still, people have not got satisfactory answer. Now, we decode the well maintained mystery around

May 21

3 Simple ways to achieve Conversion Rate Optimization

All the business organizations are today searching answers for these questions. These are- How can the conversion rate be optimized for a website? What are the stumbling blocks that hamper this conversion rate optimization? What are the key elements in a website that can help in conversion rate optimization? An effective soul searching by various

May 20

3 reasons to include A/B testing in your business

Till now we are equally aware about the business potential and significance of web testing in this unpredictable online world. It has certainly made its mark among numerous e- commerce sites and is currently managing the whole business scenario. But, if you are still skeptical about including it in your scheme of business, here are

May 19

How to Handle Traffic During Peak Shopping Season

There is a famous saying that “Opportunity missed is actually opportunity lost” and this seems to be very appropriate for the e- commerce companies who are unable to grab the maximum out of the peak shopping season. No business organization would want to be in this state but truly not everyone can take optimum benefit

May 18

Don’t Forget To Track These 5 Website Metrics

How are your customers moving through your site? For any website that has more than a page or two, this is crucially important but website marketers often ignore this. If you have a website, collecting data on visitors’ behaviour to your site is extremely important. The more data you can collect from visitors, the more

May 17

Discover How Home Page Can Affect Your Conversion Rates Optimization

Just as your door is the entrance to your home, similarly a home page is the pathway to your website. Since your customers get an insight about your services through it, so it should offer them unique and extraordinary experience for increasing your sales. But, mostly this is not the case with the numerous websites