Jun 15

Quick tips for building customer rapport with a web analytics tool

Customer satisfaction and interaction is important for any business organizations be it small, medium or large. It is the fulcrum around which every business activities revolves. Without getting positive customer feedbacks, it is impossible to imagine the growth and progress of any business organization. It is no surprise that e- commerce companies do form a part of this practice. Let us now discuss four crucial factors that can help us in achieving mastery in this challenging field of customer interaction and rapport building.

  • Getting the attention of site visitors- This is the foremost and most important part of the company- customer relationship. For achieving desired sales revenue and conversion rates, it is mandatory to gain customer attention and focus towards your business organization. Further, it should be noticed that the expenditure that is incurred in acquiring customers should be in the permissible limits. There are two parameters to judge this namely cost per acquisition (CPA) and the return on investment (ROI). To understand these elements and their role, you can employ any heat map graphs that will provide you a clear idea between the two.
  • Engagement with your customer for getting conversion rates- Attracting your customers on your e- commerce site can’t help you in getting conversion rates if your customers are not fully engaged with your business organization. You need to engage with your customers so as to generate their interest in your products and services. Some of the reasons that can affect your conversion rates are bounce rate, cart abandonment rate, click- through- rate (CTR) and other such factors. You need to work towards regulating all these parameters so as to keep your customers hooked to your business organization.
  • Keeping track of customer engagement and behavior- If you want to boost your sales, it is important to keep a record of your customers behavior through any heat map tools like Crazy Egg, Mocking Fish, Click Tale and such others. Further, you need to have detailed information about what are your customers actually doing on your site, where are they spending most of their time, what are their interest areas and other such information. The detailed web analytics graphs will help you in analyzing your weak areas and will provide you important insights so as to improve your conversion rate.
  • Customer retention process- For maintaining long term relationship with your customers, it is important to keep them retained with your company. Although, it is good to add new customers to your customer base but you shouldn’t achieve it at the expense of your old loyal customers. Those are the customers that have supported your business organization through thick and thin times and they need to be cared for. For this, you need to understand the changing mindset of your customers and what they are actually expecting from your organization with changing times.

 So, invest your time and efforts in this art of rapport building with your customers and the results will be truly rewarding for your business organization. Evolving your service and business organization are the driving factors that can help you in expanding your business to far off places. Learn to master this art and you can easily turn the whole world into your favor and the monetary returns will be beyond your calculations.