Oct 19

Revealing The Unchartered Territory Of Mocking Fish Heat Map Tool


MockingFish heatmap tool

Monitoring and analyzing the targeted customers has become an indispensable part of every business organization. If you are unable to track the onsite activity and behavior of your site visitors, you can’t expect to turn the tides of your business organization into your favor. To help you in this crucial situation, you can take the help of our heat map tool, Mocking Fish that is preferred, used and recommended by numerous business organizations around the world. Here are some of the other heat map features that makes this web analytics tool simply amazing and priceless.

Click heat map- This heat map feature is most helpful in scenarios where you want to understand the clicking behavior and click pattern of your site visitors so as to get a clear insight about the areas of your website that are most loved by them and the areas that are not much liked by them. Further, these click heat maps also explain the effective utilization of your site elements and visitor’s engagement on your website based on the click response of the people.

Scroll heat map- With this heat map, business organizations can analyze the complete scrolling behavior of their customers towards their website. It also provides idea about the scrolling depth or the level upto which the visitors scroll your web page so as to locate the appropriate position for your website elements like call- to- action (CTA) buttons, images, text, ads, links or any other such component. Moreover, business organization can analyze which are the weak areas of your website that are not getting proper attention of your visitors due to the ineffective scrolling behavior of the customers.

Insight heat map- If you want to have a detailed information about your visiting customers, you need to go for the services of our insight heat map tool. It will help business organizations in providing them crucial information like interest of their users, device used by them for browsing, browser type, clicking time and such other data. With all this bulk information, business organizations can perform effective targeting of their customers, improve their site navigation, increase their visitor engagement and can enhance their conversion rates.

Envelope heat map- One of the special feature of the Mocking Fish tool is the envelope heat map which allows user to analyze the number of clicks made on each and every element of your website like header, text links, CTA buttons, banner ads or any other such site component. It provides the clicking information in the form of different colored circles namely red, orange, blue and green. Further, by clicking on these different color codes, you can get the percentage wise click data of a particular site element to the total number of clicks made on that particular web page.

List heat map- If the business organizations want to check all the statistical information collected by the Mocking Fish tool at one place, they need to access the list heat map feature. It provides the information in the form of a tabular format where different columns are marked as “Elements”, “Type”, “Clicks” and “Percent”. With a clear information about the clicks made by the visitors on various elements of your web page, you can improve the usability performance and conversional ability of your page elements.

With the support and services of the various other heat maps, Mocking Fish is simply outstanding in terms of its low cost, simple user friendly dashboard design, high reliability results, easy installation process and free lifetime account facility. Apart from this, customers can also get free demo trial for Mocking Fish at our website, www.mockingfish.com  in order to understand its services and available features in a better way. So, spread your business and conversion rates effectively without making any huge dent into your pocket.