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Scroll heatmap tool for a perfect content marketing

Scroll heatmap tool for a perfect content marketing | MockingFish

Content marketing through articles and blog has become very popular form of communication with the customers. In this internet-dominated world, you largely rely on contents for both CRO and SEO of your websites. In 2017 content have become the mainstream for SEO, and after the latest Google penguin release, it has become important like nothing else.

Contents inspire, encourage and provide the information your customers would be looking for in your business domain. It’s all about bundling your business with the contents to present them as a solution for different problems of the customers. If I am looking for a “Man-U Hoodie” and a content can guide me to get the hoodie at best price from somewhere, that would be a relevant content for me.

Similarly, your content marketing would be called as a perfect content marketing if you able to present right content to right people on a right occasion. You don’t need to go much deeper than what your customers actually need from you. Here, I I am going to explain how a scroll heatmap tool can help you to present a right content to right people. On the whole, the role of a scroll heatmap in improving your content marketing is what I am going to explain here.

A Scroll heatmap tool for Content marketing optimization

Getting the attention-

In today’s era, people do not stop at a particular content for long. The attention span has shrunk drastically. In a snap of time, if people don’t find your contents relevant or useful to them, they will leave the site. So, the best way to grab their attention is to ask your visitors what they want. However, that would be totally dependent and you cannot expect them to answer your queries.Moreover, in the case, if they answer, you cannot trust if they are really saying correctly.

Alternatively, you can depend on something that you see by your own eyes. A Scroll heatmap tool is what I am referring to here. You can deploy a scroll heatmap tool on your website, that will track and capture the behavior of your visitors and show it you graphically. The graphical representation will show a color variation at different folds of your web pages. These variations will denote the level of interaction and interest by the people visiting the page.

A Scroll heatmap tool for Content marketing optimization | MockingFish

A scroll heatmap to show different level of interests by the visitors


The area marked in the warmest color (red) shows that visitors spent much time in reading that section and they have found that interesting. While the area marked in the coolest colors (Blue to Green) are the failed areas which were not able to grab the attention of the readers. There are other colors too that comes between Red and Blue which are marked according to the level of attention they get. For example, the Yellow section in the above image was able to grab some attention while some of them did not find it much interesting.

Now, you can use that information to:

  1. Keep the information in the Red section maintained- The area marked as interesting for the visitors can be either left like that so that it keeps interacting with the visitors or, you can use that area to show some of your relevant business solutions as most the visitors are paying attention there. You must make sure that the quality of content is maintained in the area so that you can concentrate on other areas to make them more interesting for the audiences.
  2. Modify the non-performing sections- The content in non-performing areas was not able to fulfill their purpose as visitors did not like the content there. First, you need to identify the reasons for the failure and then make amendment. There could be a number of reasons for the non-performance:
    1. Content was not relevant
    2. The content was too long and bored the readers to they quit before completing it.
    3. Information was relevant but was not presented in a winning way.
    4. The content was tool long and was not divided into paragraphs.
    5. There were longer sentences without any pause.
    6. Readers got all they needed in the upper section itself.
    7. There were no images in support of the content.

These are just some examples of what could stop the readers from reading your content. You have to tally your content with the best practices and then decide what you were doing wrong. For the time being a Scroll heatmap tool has clearly shown you that there is something wrong with the content and you need to do something about it. So, it’s time you get your first heatmap tool. I can suggest the Free MockingFish Heatmap tool can be handy for a start. It comes with free one year trial and a complimentary A/B testing tool included in the same package.


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