Mar 4

SEO Tips to Steal for a Successful Website- Episode 1

SEO tips to steal for a successful website- Episode 1 | Mockingfish

Include these wonderful SEO tips in your promotional strategy for getting maximum conversions and sales.

With the increased reach of internet across people of diverse ethnicity, region, language and race, it would not be hyperbole to admit that “business and internet have become complementary each other and the latter has been working as the growth engine for numerous companies around the world”. Due to the rising dependence of business on online medium, it is important to focus on SEO activities to improve the online presence and visibility of your company. If you believe in the power of search engine optimization, you need to adopt the following brilliant SEO tips for a complete makeover of your business entity.

1. Get wonderful links for your site- In order to get high site traffic and customer attention, it is important to get high ranking links for your website. Although, some companies may get away with it but in the long run, you need to get effective reference from popular sites, content and links. Moreover, with the emergence of search engine optimization algorithms such as Google Penguin, Google Panda, Google Hummingbird and others, more stress has been given on the optimized, trusted and reliable back links for your site in order to get high site traffic and better conversion rates.

2. Development of high quality link farms- It is important to get amazing links on your site in order to achieve greater customer attention, site traffic and conversion rates. You need to have high link authority on your site for grabbing instant customer attention and to improve your online rankings and presence on various search engine result pages (SERPs). But, beware of using an low quality, duplicate and non optimized link farms for your site content as it can backfire upon your business entity. Further, high quality link farms will help in getting instant recognition to your  website and will improve your conversion rate optimization efforts to a great extent.

3. Improve the accessibility of your site on mobile devices-

Improve the accessibility of your site on mobile devices | Mockingfish

Make your website accessible on multiple devices for getting higher customer attention and product sales.

Mobile devices are now increasingly used for surfing websites and have opened new doors of business engagement. In order to improve the reach of your business entity among your mobile customers, you need to ensure that your website is fully accessible on mobile devices. Further, eCommerce sites are exploiting mobile devices like smart phones and tablets for boosting their product sales and conversion rates through the use of various mobile apps. Therefore, mobile app development has seen a tremendous growth since the rise of eCommerce in the global business arena.

4. Reducing the loading time of your website-

Reducing the loading time of your website | Mockingfish

Slow loading sites affect customer attention, site traffic and product sales.

No customers would like to spend time on a website which is loading up slowly and is taking more than 2- 3 seconds to show up fully. Don’t test the patience of your customers but take the right decision now by implementing the mobile optimization tips for your website. Also, slow performing sites are penalized by various SEO algorithms and tends to affect the online rankings of your website to a great extent. Make use of various A/B testing and heat map tools like Mocking Fish that can optimize your website design, loading time and navigation for better conversions and sales. Apart from this, you need to take expertise of mouse move heat map tool that can provide you insight about how your website is perceived by your site visitors for better site design and performance.

5. Utilize the services of latest web development technologies- 

Utilize the services of latest web development technologies | Mockingfish

Have knowledge about various web development technologies for getting an engaging website.

It is important to keep a close tab on the latest developments in the field of web development for achieving a mind blowing website. You need to be aware of technologies like HTML/HTML 5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, AMP HTML and such others for improving the performance and working of your website across multiple devices. Make effective use of progressive enhancement web development techniques that can provide a high quality user experience and can be indexed properly by search engine crawlers. Once your site and its content is indexed seamlessly, there are increased chances of getting more site traffic, better conversion rates and higher customer engagement.

With the increased use of internet in the business environment, SEO is one such aspect that can’t be ignored at all for the long term growth and progress of your business entity. It makes all the sense to pay a little attention towards all these SEO tips that can help in improving your conversion rate optimization efforts, site traffic, customer engagement and product sales.