Jul 19

Sneak peek into A/B Testing and Heatmap Services for CMS Platforms

Sneak peek into A-B testing and heatmap services for CMS platforms | Mockingfish

It is often seen that availability of various platforms or options makes it difficult to arrive at a final conclusion while making a crucial business decision. Further, if you are trying to avail the services of a powerful A/B testing and heatmap tools, you need to look out for a tool that is platform independent. This should be one of your basic prerequisite before making the final tool selection as your targeted customers should not be deprived of excellent services because of a different platform.

Understanding the nerve of its customers, our conversion rate optimization company has come up with numerous MockingFish CMS tools for getting required customer attention and sales. This feature packed A/B testing and heatmap tool has improved the customer reach and conversions for your online business due to its platform independent testing and heatmap services. The tool is now no longer restricted to any given platform and has expanded its reach in six different CMS platforms that are explained below:

WordPress- This is one of the most widely used CMS platform that has gained much global acceptance and recognition among numerous WordPress site owners. If you are thinking about how to utilize our affordable and powerful WordPress A/B testing tool, you need to implement the various steps that are discussed below:

  • You need to first login into FTP server through FTP client like filezilla or winscp.
  • Now, upload MockingFish folder to /wp-content/plugins directory on the server.
  • Locate the name of your “MockingFish” tool in the plugins page of your admin panel.
  • Finally, you can activate the plugin from there.

Magento- Due to its wide range of features and functionalities, MockingFish has emerged as the best available choice among various multi platform supported A/B testing and heatmap tools. This tool has a responsive design and is compatible with various devices and platforms for grabbing desired business goals. Now, you can effortlessly perform split testing on the various elements of your WordPress site with the help of our Mocking Fish A/B testing and heatmap tool.

OpenCart- If you have been feeling the need of testing and tracking services for your online business, MockingFish is definitely at your rescue. This interactive web testing and tracking tool can help in performing split testing on your OpenCart site for achieving higher conversions, customer engagement and product sales.

PrestaShop- Now, PrestaShop store owners can get an appealing website by availing the A/B testing and heatmap services of our Mocking Fish tool. This PrestaShop module can be quickly installed and configured by any non technical person within few clicks. You are ready to get your OpenCart site A/B tested without any glitch for improving your site usability and performance.

Drupal- MockingFish tool has offered its A/B testing and heatmap services to various Drupal site owners in a simple manner. To utilize the services of our MockingFish tool, you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to login the Drupal Dashboard.
  • Now, go to Modules option and click on “Install New Module”.
  • You need to choose the MockingFish file by selecting its zip file.
  • It is time to click on the install button to start installation process.
  • Finally, you need to click on the “Enable newly added modules” option for seamless installation and click on the save configuration.

Joomla- Being a Joomla website owner, you would not be robbed from the exceptional features and functionalities of our Mocking Fish tool. In our mission towards making the A/B testing and heatmap services accessible to all, we have launched various MockingFish CMS tools that can ensure you a promising website for your online business. This web testing and tracking tool has a simple user friendly interface, reliable test results, easy installation and configuration facility and other such features for making the maximum impact.

It will not be hyperbolic to say that MockingFish has emerged as a one stop solution for A/B testing and heatmap services of various online businesses. You can avail the free startup plan of this wonderful tool for a year whereas the enterprise plan is available for just $10 per month. Grab its excellent benefits by visiting our site at www.mockingfish.com.