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Some conversion optimization myths that you should be aware of

Some conversion optimization myths that you should be aware of | MockingFish

The word conversion rate optimization (CRO), is one of the most discussed and misinterpreted term in the eCommerce arena. CRO has always been a buzz word when it comes to online commerce activities. However, many who are in this eCommerce arena who don’t get the exact meaning of the word and equate it to some totally wrong methods and techniques. The myths and misinterpretations associated with the word are something which is required to be busted. Here we will make an attempt to clarify some of the deadliest myths associated with CRO.

What are the myths associated with CRO?

What are the myths associated with CRO | MockingFish

Now, we will take a look at those myths regarding to CRO which are required to be demystified.

1. Testing is equal to conversions: More often than not, we have seen that conversion optimization is equated to testing your website. This is one of the biggest myth. Testing your website is just a step that guides you towards those areas which require more attention. It is just a part of your CRO strategy and shall not be equated with conversions itself.

2. If you don’t convert in initial terms, then you are a failure: This is another big myth that needs to be waived off. It is very common that companies give up their efforts if they don’t see results immediately. This short-term hurry causes them a big loss. It is required to be understood that some changes require time to deliver while others might just not suit your website. Taking decision based on established myths will throw you out before the actual game begins.

3. Copying the competitors: It is often advised that in case you are confused, you should follow the tactics adopted by your rivals. However, this is one of the stupidest thing that you should do with your website. Copying blindly is often not recommended as it brings along several reparations. You need to understand that the sources, strategy, and branding aspects of your rivals are totally different and you should respect your originality even if takes some time to deliver.

4. Money can buy conversions: This is one thing that you should completely remove from your mind. Very often it is thought that companies with huge marketing and SEO management capacity can only survive in the market of conversion. We have examples where companies having a full dedicated set-up of personnel to aid their marketing and SEO needs falling severely at conversion front. On the other hand, some start-ups with a minimal budget length has done remarkably well with their conversions.

Final say

The above discussion might have given you a clear demarcation of what actually CRO means and what it does not. You should keep yourself aware of these myths and shall not fall into the trap.


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