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Some designing mistakes that are killing your conversion rate optimization

Some designing mistakes that are killing your conversion rate optimization | MockingFish

Conversion is always synonyms with eCommerce and business. After all, it is what that keeps the business houses around the world moving. Many times we ignore mistakes that are actually acting as a killer for your conversion rates. This is more relevant in terms of eCommerce, where we make too many experiments to enhance the visibility and usability of our e-store. This leads to the undermining of some deadly elements under the shadow of big changes. Here, we will discuss some of the mistakes related to the designing aspect of your web page that really give a hammer blow to your conversion rate optimization strategy.

Conversion killer mistake

Now, we will look at those design mistakes which are affecting your conversions.

1. Color selection is crucial: Choosing the color theme of your web pages and CTAs is one important aspect that most of the website designer give a miss as a part of their CRO strategy. A proper analysis of your customer’s behavior (through heatmap tracking) is what’s required to be done here. The channelization of this analysis through A/B testing is the next step. One such analysis conducted on an eCommerce website revealed that blue color found a common acceptance among both male and female which sidelined the pink color linkage for women.

2. Navigation is a key: A navigational aspect of your website plays a crucial role in defining the usability of your website. When a visitor lands on your web page he/she looks for directions to guide them through your website. Effective and catchy navigational elements are what that seal the deal for you. Use of visual elements to guide the user or some animation effect coupled with your CTAs is what you should focus on.

3. Invite customer engagement: Engaging the visitor is the best way to hold them onto your web page. However, most of the time we focus on grabbing the attention rather than retaining it. Customer interaction is a two-way process where you require the engagement of the customer. You can do this by inviting the customers to leave their feedback and reviews or be a part of your survey. These elements are often found on the product pages and are not mentioned on the landing pages. This is one area that you should focus on.

4. Go above the fold: Most of the time we see crucial content on your web page mentioned below the fold with an aim to attract the customer. However, the fact is totally opposite to your assumptions. A survey conducted online found that an average user spends more than 75% of the total time spent on the web page reading content above the fold. Thus, you should utilize the portion effectively while designing your web page.

Final say

The discussion done above might have given you an idea about those common yet deadly mistakes which were killing your conversions silently. You should avoid these mistakes at any cost while focusing on the designing aspect of your landing page if you are eyeing a conversion rate optimization.


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