Aug 17

Some Site Elements to Target with Your Click Heatmap Tool

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A website is a combination of big and small elements that together defines the success or failure of your online business. It is a brilliant amalgamation of various components that has the potential to take your online business to greater heights. The impact of different site element keeps on changing and there are chances that your site visitors may be having their attention on irrelevant site components.

It would be practically of no use for your site if your targeted customers are spending their time at the improper place on your site. Apart from grabbing maximum site traffic, it is important to target your visitors at the appropriate site elements with the help of an efficient click heatmap tool such as MockingFish. Let us take a look at some of the site elements that needs to be tracked by the heatmap tool for achieving maximum conversions and sales.

Headlines- If you want to grab the instant attention of your targeted customers on your home page, landing page, shopping offer or any other required place on your site, headings are the element you need to look at. These headings may appear to be a small element but they can have far reaching effect on the conversions and sales of your online store. You need to take the help of click heatmap tool for tracking user clicks on a site for analyzing their usability and conversion potential. Site owners need to ensure that their headings are catchy, short and keyword specific for grabbing more sales and conversions.

Images- Visuals like images and infographics tend to make a long lasting impact in the minds of visitors that can play an effective role in improving site conversions. You need to make sure that the images on your site are of high resolution and optimized to persuade customers for an online purchase. Particularly, in case of eCommerce store, product images can be the ultimate deal maker or breaker and hence they needs to be of high quality. You also go for 360 degree product images that can provide a clear view about the products available on your online store. By tracking imagery through click heatmap tool, you can have a better idea if people are actually clicking them or not for ensuring better customer engagement.

Links- Links play a crucial role in bringing the attention of site visitors at the required areas on your site. You can take your visitors at the special offer page, registration page of newsletter/ebook, sign up/sign in or any other site position through hyperlinks on your website content. If you are not getting the expected response of visitors on your links, you can improve link click-ability through click heatmap tool such as MockingFish. Analyze the click behavior of your visitors for understanding if your links are clickable to the desired location or not.

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