Dec 21

Steps to choose a Heatmapping Tool for your website

Heatmap tool

If you think that heatmapping is a tiring task and you shouldn’t indulge in this, you should understand that it is a method that gives visible results and is a cake walk. The method helps you analyze your visitor’s interaction with your eCommerce website. Moreover, it lets you know the behavior of your visitor on your website. If you have a website and have a team that takes care of the Conversion Rate Optimization, you should know that they consistently run Heatmap tests on the different aspects of the website in order to improvise the site that makes it more clickable and increase the conversion rate.

If you already know about the heatmap tools, bear with me till the others (who don’t have any idea about the same) quickly go through the different kinds of heatmap tools. They include – Click, Mouse-move, Scroll and Attention Heatmaps. All the types have their specific ways to detect what the visitors are doing on your website.

So, how do you choose the heatmapping tool for your website? Well, that is decided on the working of the tool. Hence, it is better for you to understand what heatmap tools are available for your Conversion Rate Optimization.

Click Heatmap

click heatmap

The name says it all. The click heatmap clearly indicates the areas that are most clicked by the visitors. For example, when you have about three Call To Action (CTA) buttons on a single page. How would you know that which one of them brings the majority of the conversions for your website? You can decipher the hero of your website with the help of the Click Heatmap. Likewise, there are other areas of the website that the web click tracking would let you know the most clicked parts of your site that are beneficial for your conversions.

Mouse move Heatmap

Mouse Move Heatmap tool

According to this study by Acuity Ets, you’d come to know that the correlation between eye and mouse movement is about 60%-80%. You might be thinking that this is an ordinary research because how a visitor looks and moves the mouse is what an e-merchant can also do. However, for small business or entrepreneurs who have a traffic of 1500+ visitors for a minimal amount is better than having no traffic yet conducting the test that costs you all the money. You just have to see how much traffic that you have on your site.

The mouse move heatmap is the best bet for product pages and the checkout pages because you’d be able to observe where the customers are looking at. Is the images of the products or the specifications or anything else. Based on where they move their cursor we can conclude what part of the page they were watching and get a good estimation of which part of the text they have read and which part they haven’t.

Scroll Heatmap

Scroll Heatmap

The scroll heatmap is one of the most amazing tools to understand where do your visitors scroll on your website. Another fact is that not more than 60% of visitors scroll beyond a certain point. Hence, if you’d know that till where are your visitor going up to, you’ll be able to optimize your content in that way. The tool lets you know the results differently on the various screens – mobile, tablets and laptops. Why? Because when it comes to a smartphone and tablets, users scroll down whereas; in laptops, they don’t.

Attention heatmap

Attention Heatmap

Do you know where do your customers/visitors pay a lot of attention to? The Attention heatmap is a web testing form that lets you as an e-merchant know which part of the page or which information users get attracted to on your site.

  • How to implement your heatmap tool?
  • Implementing a heatmap tool is a cake walk. All you got to do is:
  • Sign up for one of the vendors
  • Specify your domain
  • Put the tracking code on the website; and
  • You’re done!!

Now you’ll be able to decide which heatmap tool to be used on your website to get the best results.


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