May 7

Supercharge Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons For Immediate Click and Conversions

On websites where the main goal is to convert visitors, the overall focus is on the CTA or Call To Action button. Before designing a high converting CTA button, you need to ensure that it is incorporated with 3 most important key elements, i.e “Attention”, “Strategy” and “Messaging”. These 3 when combined together can have a major impact on your website’s conversion rate.

Through this post, we have tried to gather some ideas that you can implement before designing CTA buttons for your website.


A well defined CTA button has to stand out from the rest of elements in the page. Before designing, you need to ensure whether it is positioned on the right place so that people do not have to search for it. For having such button on your website, you will have to look into its size, color, white space and positioning.

Size- A CTA button will stand out only if it is designed differently from other elements. The size will help determine its importance in comparison to other buttons or links.

CTA button

Color- Color psychology has a great effect on conversions. Colors not only affect buying behavior but also they make CTA’s stand unique. It is always suggested to use high contrasting colors for designing CTA. Similarly web page layout and background helps to design an appealing and specific button for your website.

CTA Button

White Space- Designing a CTA button with whitespace is a great way to allow it to be unique and appealing from the rest of elements. It gives CTA a dominating presence on your website.

CTA button

Position- Always place your CTA “above the fold”. It means the area where visitors see without having to scroll.

CTA button

2. Having a CALL TO ACTION That Conveys Message To Visitors

A CTA that has an action oriented text or message is known to drive better conversions in compared to the one which just says “Submit” or “Continue”. There are 3 basic rules you must follow to write a CTA text-

1. Short and Precise
2. Action Oriented
3. Simple and easy to understand
4. Encourage immediate act

If you follow these simple rules, you will have a CTA that provides exactly what user is looking for.

CTA Button

3. Design CTA With a Smart Marketing Strategy

Having a good CTA with no strategy is something that won’t work. Remember, you will have a very less time to convert your visitors and if you fail to convince them, you will definitely lose in your business. Therefore, you need to ensure that your landing page design and CTA offer real value to your visitors and help them browse through your site with ease.

In short, CTA (Call to Action) forms the gateway to your website’s conversion funnel, therefore before designing them you need to have a planned strategy that invites people to click and convert quickly.