a/b testing results

Oct 13

Reasons Why Your A/B Testing Results Are Not Doing Enough For Your Business Organization

In this jet age, every business organizations is running behind instant coffee results which are not only impractical but are also too risky in terms of long term business planning. In this mad race for achieving non feasible results, we are often ignoring the ground realities and end up with our efforts going in vain.

Oct 8

5 A/B Testing Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Organization Heavily

With the changing dynamics of the online business environment, there is an increased thrust over the use of new tools and strategies so as to provide a comfortable position to your business organization in its particular segment. The worldwide frenzy and madness around A/B testing is the result of the similar efforts in that direction.

Jul 27

How To Boost Sales From Your Returning Customer?

Getting your abandoned customers back to your business organization is the biggest achievement for any organization. But, the task doesn’t stop here and you have to further push them for making sales on your e- commerce store. Although, it may sound to be challenging but it is still achievable. We need to understand their mind

Jul 24

3 Hurdles That Can Affect The Success Of Your A/B Testing

Success and failure are defined by the strict compliance of the various performance metrics that can change the face of your entire business organization. Just like any sport can be won only by strictly performing well in accordance with the laid rules and regulations so is the case with A/B testing. But, often, we step

Jul 24

How To Avoid The Sales Dud With Your E- Commerce Store?

Although there is a huge influx of e- commerce companies, but only few of them are able to survive the crucial cut throat competition and are able to excel among their competitors. While others are struggling hard to make sales, there are e- commerce organizations like Amazon, ebay, Alibaba, Flipkart and others that are making

Jul 23

5 Real Life Situations Where A/B Testing is a Must

In this cut throat competitive world, business organizations are constantly embracing new technologies and approaches to gain instant advantage among their rivals. Among these latest technologies and innovations, web testing is one such area that has grabbed the attention of every business organization be it small, medium, micro, large or multinational. Although, A/B testing has

Jul 23

Tips That Can Convince Your Boss About Implementing A/B Testing

Often, in the corporate corridors it is most difficult to convince your boss or the highest decision making authority about implementing any changes in your website. Further, due to the stubborness and the reluctance of the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion), business organizations are most of the time robbed from making huge sales revenue and

Jul 20

3 Bitter Truths About A/B Testing

It is often said that “Facts are more stranger than fiction” and has the ability to surprise anyone. For the past few years, A/B testing has become ubiquitous in its use and approach. It can be seen everywhere from a small enterprise to a large multinational company and has also crossed the various business boundaries.

Jun 10

How to Make Your Checkout Process a Smooth Ride?

Shopping cart abandonment has become a common phenomenon for numerous e- commerce sites and is directly affecting the sales of the various business organizations. One of the main reasons that is contributing in the above problem is the complex checkout process that is diverting customers from your e- commerce site. If we can solve this