AB testing

Jun 21

A/B testing for Mobile Website in 2018

In 2015 the mobile traffic, as visioned by the eCommerce experts became just as prevalent as desktop traffic. This is why we’ve been stressing upon the emphasis on the mobile responsiveness to the customers ever since then. In last few years, the amount of traffic coming from the smartphones or smaller devices like tablets has

Jun 29

Simply in the ways to create Mobile Landing Pages

You must have probably already chosen a responsive theme for your website. It’s really a good decision to go for a mobile responsive theme, and you know that. When mobile traffic has become so abundant nowadays, you cannot afford to loose any of your potential customers just because your website is not responsive. But, what

May 10

4 common mistakes in A/B testing only a handful of testers know

When you are working on conversion rate optimization of your website, A/B testing is the first thing that comes to aid. A/B testing is one of most accessible and popular tool known to the marketers. While many businesses have seen the extended conversions with this tool, others have used it, only to fell into the

May 3

Pros and cons of the popular A/B testing tools in the market

If you are even an occasional follower of popular conversion optimization and related blogs, you know that testing is a prominent requirement for your web business’s success. A customer base is a relative term, and it always unique in different time spans. You might be lucky to have a recent modification performing well without testing,

Apr 21

How to setup an A/B testing experiment on MockingFish?

MockingFish provides an economical yet efficient A/B testing tool to the testers. With its A/B split testing and various usability testing options, MockingFish is a multi-testing program that provides so many options to the testers. Audience targeting, URL targeting, click heatmap tracking, scroll map tracking are some of the main features that you can easily

Aug 12

How Can Conversion Rate Optimization Services Help Your Online Store?

Conversions have become a challenging and an important task for every online business. They are defining the present and future aspect of your online business to provide you desired business results. You can’t ignore conversions of your online store if you want to boost the presence among your competitors. It is the sole key performance

Aug 10

Dos and Don’ts of Split Testing for a Promising Online Business

It is rightly said that “Look before you leap” in order to avoid the severe consequences that come due to careless introspection. Particularly, in case of online business, even a minor step can prove to be costly in terms of conversions and product sales. Considering all this scenario, it is important to implement the decisions

Jul 25

Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for Web Designs

Design of a website is the first thing that grabs the immediate attention of any site visitors without much effort. You need to understand this fact that people navigate around a site much later and it is the web design that is first noticed by them. If you can grab their attention at the first

Jul 20

Difference Between A/B Testing and Multi- Variate Testing

  It is a common scenario that when we are provided with multiple options, we want to choose the one based on the features, functionalities and services it provides to us. Similarly, in the field of web testing, there are mainly two types of testing approaches that are mostly popular- A/B testing and Multi- variate

Jul 19

Sneak peek into A/B Testing and Heatmap Services for CMS Platforms

It is often seen that availability of various platforms or options makes it difficult to arrive at a final conclusion while making a crucial business decision. Further, if you are trying to avail the services of a powerful A/B testing and heatmap tools, you need to look out for a tool that is platform independent.