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May 4

The making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 4

There is an end to everything, so is this soul stirring journey about mobile site optimization.   You have walked a long mile and has been able to make drastic improvements in your mobile site without any trouble. There is now enough fire power in your mobile site that can take your business to an all

Apr 29

The Making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 2

Mobiles are currently ruling the business landscape and this trend is going to continue in the future due to increased availability of mobile devices around the world. According to the global report of International Data Corporation (IDC) in year 2015, there were a total of 1.43 billion units of mobile device shipments across the world

Apr 25

The Making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 1

It is rightly said that “Sometimes even a look is enough to decide which things are surely going to rule the hearts of the people”. This same story is true even for the mobile phones which has been ruling the roost within a short span of time. They are growing like mushrooms and has found

Mar 31

Quick A/B Testing Tips for your Promotional Emails

When you have to drive sales and conversion rates on your eCommerce store, nothing matches the efficiency of promotional emails based on parameters like cost effectiveness, customer retention ratio, cost to conversions and success delivery rates. They are “ageless” and are still used increasingly inspite of the emergence of several other promotional and marketing mediums.

Mar 4

SEO Tips to Steal for a Successful Website- Episode 1

With the increased reach of internet across people of diverse ethnicity, region, language and race, it would not be hyperbole to admit that “business and internet have become complementary each other and the latter has been working as the growth engine for numerous companies around the world”. Due to the rising dependence of business on

Feb 25

A/B Testing- Amazing Hack Tips for Landing Page- Volume 3

A/B testing has crossed geographical boundaries and targeting customers when it comes to its use in the global business environment. It has defied the nature of business, size of business and market capitalization thereby getting “red carpet welcome” from all quarters of business segment. It is not doubtful at all that landing page is the

Feb 15

A/B Testing- Its Rise and Rise and Rise in Business Environment- Volume 2

Every business entity is fighting a lone tough battle of “conversion rates and product sales” as the swords had already been drawn and various competitive websites are facing each other for that ultimate “do or die” situation. Nobody wants to lose this high stakes battle as a humiliating defeat would mean the end of gaining

Feb 12

A/B testing- A Right Beginning for your Business – Volume 1

People have become more logical and rational today and don’t imitate anything once they are not fully assured about its importance and use. Similarly, A/B testing is one such buzz word that is most heard in the business scenario. However, there are numerous people who may not be much aware about this terminology and may

Jan 20

Golden SEO Tips To Win Over Your Site Visitors- Part 2

In this global online business environment, customer reach, expansion and growth of a business entity has become synonymous with its online search rankings on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. Although, various site owners are involved in this critical task of making strong impact and presence on search engine result pages

Jan 15

Hit The Bull’s Eye For Your E-Commerce Store With These 15 CRO Tips

Conversion rate optimization seems to be the only buzz word and the sole axis on which the entire business activity revolves around. If you can’t make a significant increase in the conversion rates of your online business, it means that you are fighting an “already lost battle” among your other business rivals. No doubt, getting