attention heat map tool

Jun 28

Optimize your Product Pages with Heatmap tools

Can heatmaps be used for conversion rate optimization (CRO)? The way you strategize your conversion rate optimization techniques is the key to success and help the visitors convert. While tools like Google Analytics help digital marketers the what and why about the website and the way customers are behaving on the website. Well, that’s exactly

Oct 16

Grab Your Visitors Attention Towards Your Website And Its Elements Through Our Attention Heat Map Tool

A website would be of no use if it can’t pull off customers towards your business organization or can’t get enough attention of your targeted customers. It would certainly be a grave situation for your future business prospects if you can’t get your visitors engaged to your business organization which could in turn affect your

Sep 7

How To Redesign Your Website For Boosting Your Customer Traffic On Your Site?

In the stiff competitive online world, an appealing and inspiring website has the potential to grab the instant focus of the customer towards your business organization. A website is the doorway to your business organization and thus it needs to be compelling and appealing so as to keep customers hooked to your business organization. If

Sep 4

Steps To Promote Your Content For An Effective Online Business Visibility

Today various business organizations are facing a crucial situation of transforming site visitors into potential customers so as to give a major push to their sales revenue as well as their conversion rates. The situation also becomes very serious when you are running an e- commerce store and you are having a decent customer traffic

Aug 27

How To Boost Your Customer Trust And Confidence Through An Effective Return Policy?

Winning customer trust and loyality is very crucial for the growth and progress of a business organization. If you want to score brownie points among your business rivals, you need to have a reliable army of customers that can swear by the quality and effectiveness of your advertised product. Customer trust and loyalty are the

Aug 19

Busting The Myth Around Conversion Rate Optimization

Today the success and failure of a business organization is measured by the performance metrics like conversion rates optimization, site traffic and profit margins. Further, it would not be hyperbole to say that they all three are interlinked to each other. It is important to keep a track on these performance metrics through the help