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Jun 28

Optimize your Product Pages with Heatmap tools

Can heatmaps be used for conversion rate optimization (CRO)? The way you strategize your conversion rate optimization techniques is the key to success and help the visitors convert. While tools like Google Analytics help digital marketers the what and why about the website and the way customers are behaving on the website. Well, that’s exactly

Oct 16

7 Preparations you Need to make Before the Holiday Season Sales

The overall success of a website can be estimated by the total traffic it receives. The more is the traffic, better are the chances of the website conversions. So, the main target of the website admin is to keep the eCommerce store in sync with the technological changes, so that, the visitors have a better

Aug 21

Is Website’s Menu Crippling your Conversions? Here’s What to Do about it

The conversion optimization is one of the most discussed topics in the eCommerce scenario. While we have already discussed a lot of factors that may be affecting your conversions, there are a lot of factors that fail to get the required notice. One of our earlier blogs talked about the images that may be killing

Aug 10

4 Key Strategies To Boost Up Your Landing Page Performance

If you are wondering about the ways to maximize the performance of your landing page, you must make sure you have the answers to these fundamentals questions: How would you accomplish an optimized landing page design for your audience? What is the best hierarchy to put the headings, sub headings, and other important content? Where

Dec 11

7 Tips To Increase The Productivity Of Your CTA Buttons

Call- to- action (CTA) buttons are an important part of every website and has the potential to grab the instant attention of every onsite visitor towards them. Without an appealing CTA button, businesses can’t expect of making a significant impact in terms of conversion rates, site traffic and sales revenue. They are a paramount element

Dec 3

A/B Testing Process In Five Simple Steps For Better Conversions

It is rightly said that “Don’t enter into the rough tides if you are not a great swimmer” as there are chances of getting lost due to the unfriendly waves. Similarly, don’t get ready to implement something about whom you are not fully aware in order to avoid the disappointment in terms of results. If

Oct 19

Revealing The Unchartered Territory Of Mocking Fish Heat Map Tool

Monitoring and analyzing the targeted customers has become an indispensable part of every business organization. If you are unable to track the onsite activity and behavior of your site visitors, you can’t expect to turn the tides of your business organization into your favor. To help you in this crucial situation, you can take the

Sep 10

How Emails Can Contribute In Your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy?

Conversion rate optimization is becoming one of the hot topic of discussion and concern among various business organizations of the world. Everybody is struggling hard to grab a major share of profit in the world of e- commerce. To facilitate an effective business communication between organizations and targeted customers, emails are one of the most