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Oct 30

How to Design Smarter Website UI to Leverage eCommerce Conversion Optimization?

The immediate need of catching the visitor’s eye in order to get better engagement has led to rise in various techniques. The website now focuses mainly on the design part as it is the backbone of a website. The better is the design of the website more are the chances to get conversions. In the

Aug 31

Landing Page Setbacks? Here’s How Heatmap Tool Can Help You

It has been proved time and again that relevant landing page can double the conversion rate. However, at the same time, as per the statistics, almost 80 to 90% the visitors bounces from the landing page. The reason being optimizing the landing page is often overlooked while executing the marketing campaigns. The primary goal of

Sep 6

How to Use Scroll Heatmap for Conversions?

When the competition in the eCommerce world is heating up, it is important to have something that can provide you the required lead among your targeted customers. You can’t provide the same level of services and expect a windfall change in your business fortunes. It is important to take the help of web analytics and

Aug 30

Best Heatmap and Click Tracking Solutions for Any Website

The importance and utility of a heatmap has now been well understood by every website owner and they don’t need any further introduction. It is clear that website tracking and monitoring can make a crucial impact on the business fortunes of any website but the key to this success in making the right selection of

Aug 29

Use of Heatmap Tool to Improve Conversion

It is really a great feeling for every online business if they can monitor the activity of their site visitors and can utilize the same data for the growth of their online business. In a competitive business environment, it is important to keep a track on your visitor activity to grab the maximum sales and

Aug 19

What is Website Heatmap Tool? All you Need to Know About It.

Websites are meant to grab visitor attention and boost sales revenue for any business. To serve this crucial purpose, they need to be engaging and compelling for site visitors. Although, there are various factors that can affect the conversion and engagement potential of your site but the impact of a heatmap tool can’t be ignored

Aug 5

A Quick Overview of MockingFish WordPress Heatmap Tool

It has been a great day for WordPress site owners around the world as they can now constantly track and monitor their website without any hurdle. Yes! It is true. MockingFish heatmap tool is now available for WordPress platform in order to provide a clear idea to site owners regarding the performance of their website.

Aug 2

How to Improve User Experience with a Heatmap Tool?

Site visitors play a supreme role in enhancing the performance of an online store as they are the ones who take the final crucial business decision. It is definitely a herculean task to keep these visitors engaged on your online store for optimum business results. User experience offered by your site has a critical role

Jul 28

Best Place to Use Adsense by Heatmap Report

Getting revenue for a site is a critical task as there is a stiff competition in the field of online business. Business owners are taking the help of various marketing mediums like PPC ads, social media marketing, SEO campaigns, digital marketing and other such mechanisms for optimizing their sales and conversions. Among all these methods,

Jul 22

Understanding the Basics of Heatmap

It is rightly said that “If you want to make the most of a situation, it is important to have a complete understanding of the concerned elements” for avoiding any confusion and mismanagement in the later stage. There has been a great speculation and gossip about heatmaps regarding their overview, performance, importance and types for