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Jul 31

Conversion Optimization Through Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a crucial asset for your business. However, here, I am not just concerned about the highly sophisticated email marketing software and services. The small tweaks and implementation to automate the emails sent by your website can lead you to unthinkable opportunities. In this article, we will see how you can use

Jun 29

Simply in the ways to create Mobile Landing Pages

You must have probably already chosen a responsive theme for your website. It’s really a good decision to go for a mobile responsive theme, and you know that. When mobile traffic has become so abundant nowadays, you cannot afford to loose any of your potential customers just because your website is not responsive. But, what

Jun 21

7 Ways Images Could Be Killing Your Conversions

Images and photos have always been one of the top contenders to optimize your website’s UX and conversion rate on the whole. One cannot think of an eCommerce website without images and photos on it. Whether it is a banner, Category, Landing page or a Product image, you need photos everywhere on your eCommerce store.

Sep 2

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and What You Need To Know

Conversion rate optimization is not a sudden buzz word and its origin dates back to the era of creating websites for a company. It is never out of the focus and has been a key component in driving the sales for numerous websites around the world. However, unfortunately, there could still be few people who

Aug 23

How to Bring Customers Towards Conversion Funnel Through Scroll Heatmap?

With the presence of scrolling facility on a site, visitors can access a large volume of information by occupying a small space on the website. They are particularly useful when you have to feature a wide range of elements and data on your website. To make the proper utilization of scrolling activity on your site,

Aug 3

5 Steps of Conversion Rate Optimization Through Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition and retention are the two biggest challenges that are faced by numerous websites around the world. You can’t ignore the traffic on your site if you are thinking about the expansion and growth of your online business. With the increasing rate of competition in the online business environment, it is becoming much difficult

Jul 25

Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for Web Designs

Design of a website is the first thing that grabs the immediate attention of any site visitors without much effort. You need to understand this fact that people navigate around a site much later and it is the web design that is first noticed by them. If you can grab their attention at the first

Jul 5

Why is it Time to Go for a Conversion Rate Optimization Services?

We all must have heard this old saying that “An early bird catches the worm” which clearly emphasizes on the fact that one who makes the first effort usually gets the advantage. Moreover, in the business environment, it is important to make the initial lead in order to emerge victorious among your rivals. However, an

Jun 20

A WordPress A/B Testing Tool for that WordPress Based CMS Site

The difference in back end platforms can’t be a good reason to deprive store owners from the services of an effective web testing tool. You don’t want people to appear as helpless if you can’t offer them respective services of your tool or software in their native platforms. Failing to do so can be the

Jun 17

Come and Get this Free A/B Testing Tool for that Mind Blowing Site

Websites are increasing like swarms of bees and you could not determine when a particular website could go into a oblivion or when another site could be an instant hit among your targeted customers. It is all just a matter of mathematical theory of “hit and trial method” that can make your website a champion