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Jun 15

Mocking Fish- A Conversion Rate Optimization Tool With a Difference

It is definitely like “climbing an Everest” when it comes towards optimizing the performance of your online store among its rivals. We can’t expect nothing to be permanent in this uncertain world and conversion rate optimization is not an exception to it. There is not any hard and fast rules that can give a considerable

Jun 4

Plunge inside the mystery of Conversion Rate Optimization- Part 2

Layers of mysteries are finally getting unfolded and more information is now obtained about this important key performance indicators (KPIs). This is one of the significant parameter that has the maximum weightage when it comes about deciding the future course of your online business. The importance and worth of conversion rate optimization can be judged

May 16

Plunge inside the mystery of Conversion Rate Optimization- Part 1

The secrecy, unfamiliarity and limited exposure around a thing makes it more important and “most sought after” item for everyone. This is because it creates the much needed hype and curiosity among targeted customers that makes it such a rage. Conversion rate optimization is one such phrase that is used by every other online business

Apr 18

Product Reviews- How to Compel your Shoppers to Write One?

Humans are influenced a lot by people around them and this is one such quality that can be utilized by various business entities to their advantage. It is a human tendency to talk about good things  with their family and friends. Understanding this human behavior, eCommerce stores are working towards engaging their customers to share

Mar 4

SEO Tips to Steal for a Successful Website- Episode 1

With the increased reach of internet across people of diverse ethnicity, region, language and race, it would not be hyperbole to admit that “business and internet have become complementary each other and the latter has been working as the growth engine for numerous companies around the world”. Due to the rising dependence of business on

Feb 25

A/B Testing- Amazing Hack Tips for Landing Page- Volume 3

A/B testing has crossed geographical boundaries and targeting customers when it comes to its use in the global business environment. It has defied the nature of business, size of business and market capitalization thereby getting “red carpet welcome” from all quarters of business segment. It is not doubtful at all that landing page is the

Feb 12

A/B testing- A Right Beginning for your Business – Volume 1

People have become more logical and rational today and don’t imitate anything once they are not fully assured about its importance and use. Similarly, A/B testing is one such buzz word that is most heard in the business scenario. However, there are numerous people who may not be much aware about this terminology and may

Feb 8

7 Content Marketing Tactics that can be the Savior for your E-Commerce Site

The might and influence of a captivating content can’t be under- estimated as it has the potential to change your conversion rates, site traffic, customer engagement and product sales. If you are able to maintain the interest and attention of your targeted customers towards your site, you can easily contribute towards improving your business fortune

Jan 29

5 A/B Testing Mistakes to Avoid for Ensuring the Success of Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns are important for every online business entity as you can’t rely on normal site traffic for maximum conversions in this cut throat competitive world. For ensuring a continuous foot- fall on your business entity, these ad campaigns can definitely be your game changer in terms of conversion rate optimization, site traffic, customer engagement

Jan 12

Online Shopper Registration- Yes, It Is Easy And Can Be Improved

Persuading customers to do a particular task on your website becomes a herculean task and the situation becomes even more difficult when you have to accomplish the crucial task of “Online customer registration”. Due to the increasing vulnerability of the online personal information in terms of the confidentiality, authentication and integrity, getting customers registered on