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Aug 14

5 Ideas To Boost Your Conversion Rates

The changing business scenario and the swarming of the numerous e- commerce organizations have made product sales tougher for various business organizations. There are organizations that are having a dream run in terms of sales revenue whereas there are others that are struggling hard to meet their daily operating cost of running their e- commerce

Aug 10

3 Effective Tips To Beat Your E- Commerce Competitors

Tracking and analyzing the each and every move of your competitor is very important be it the scenario of battle field or the business environment. Successful business organization follow their rival business organization religiously and prepare their business strategy accordingly so as to excel in their particular business segment. If you can’t keep a track

Aug 7

How To Make Your Checkout Process A Smooth Ride?

Shopping cart abandonment has become a common phenomenon for numerous e- commerce sites and is directly affecting the sales of the various business organizations. One of the main reasons that is contributing in the above problem is the complex checkout process that is diverting customers from your e- commerce site. If we can solve this

Aug 7

How To Boost Customer Search Through Web Analytics Tool?

It is a common practice in the present scenario that customers first search for a particular product on an e- commerce store and then finally makes the purchase if he/she feels satisfied with the quality, price and brand of the product. One of the important component that is pushing this scenario ahead is the onsite

Aug 6

How To Analyze Your Key Performance Metrics With A Web Analytics Tool?

Due to the emergence of numerous online business organizations, customers have got numerous options in a particular business segment and this has made conversion rates a crucial task. Marketing and promotional activities are not just enough to boost your sales but you also need some real time statistics data that can help you to plan

Aug 4

4 Pathways To A Smiling E- Commerce Customer

A smiling customer is the biggest achievement of a business organization and provides clear insights about its reputation and working among its targeted customers. It would be no surprise if we say that it is the stepping stone to the long term success and survival of a business entity. If you want to achieve big

Aug 4

3 Concern Areas That Can Affect Your Web Analytics Results

For maintaining the long term association with your customers and to keep your growth momentum intact, it is necessary to monitor your customers from time to time. It will keep you updated about the changing moods, behavior and preferences of your targeted customers and will guide you about the changes that you need to implement.

Jul 29

Things To Consider For An Effective E- Commerce Website

It is rightly said “Make hay while the sun shines” and it seems to be a very crucial aspect when it comes to the e- commerce business. For a promising and successful e- commerce business, it is important not to repeat major blunders that could cost your business severely. By having a clear focus on

Jul 28

3 Grey Areas Where A/B Testing Does Not Hold Good

A famous proverb goes, “One shoe size doesn’t fits all” and this is very relevant when it comes to the implementation areas of web testing. Business organizations are increasingly putting their weight on this web testing and are using it extensively for implementing business strategies according to the customer’s response and feedback. But, there are

Jul 27

Tips For Writing A Mindblowing Product Descriptions For Your E- Commerce Store

Product descriptions are an important part of every e- commerce website and thus they needs to be taken care of. Without an appealing product descriptions, you can’t encourage your targeted customers to purchase your product. If you want to achieve bumper sales and high conversion rates, you need to start devoting your time on product