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Jul 27

How To Boost Sales From Your Returning Customer?

Getting your abandoned customers back to your business organization is the biggest achievement for any organization. But, the task doesn’t stop here and you have to further push them for making sales on your e- commerce store. Although, it may sound to be challenging but it is still achievable. We need to understand their mind

Jul 24

3 Hurdles That Can Affect The Success Of Your A/B Testing

Success and failure are defined by the strict compliance of the various performance metrics that can change the face of your entire business organization. Just like any sport can be won only by strictly performing well in accordance with the laid rules and regulations so is the case with A/B testing. But, often, we step

Jul 23

5 Real Life Situations Where A/B Testing is a Must

In this cut throat competitive world, business organizations are constantly embracing new technologies and approaches to gain instant advantage among their rivals. Among these latest technologies and innovations, web testing is one such area that has grabbed the attention of every business organization be it small, medium, micro, large or multinational. Although, A/B testing has

Jul 22

How Can Heat Maps Improve Your E- Commerce Business?

There is no sure shot path of success in any business venture be it an IT company, real estate sector, manufacturing facility or an e- commerce store. The emergence of stiff competition and the ever rising expectations of the customers have made it difficult for the business organizations to post profit among their business rivals.

Jul 21

How To Add A Tinge Of Personalization In Your Sales Funnel?

Personalization has been the new found love for everything be it mobile phones, cars, bikes, softwares, pendants or any other items. It has become synonymous with today’s fast paced and extra loving generation that wants something extraordinary and unique in nature. In the field of e- commerce business, if you want to provide your customers

Jul 21

Quick Tips For An Appealing And Inspiring Content

Often, we are influenced by certain words and statements on various websites that force us to spend extra time on those websites and to explore more about that particular website. In this mad race of getting online customers, it is ultimately the user site experience and website content that can win the decisive battle for

Jul 15

Ways To Tap Your Targeted Customers Towards Your Business

For achieving desired business goals, it is necessary to advertise your product among your targeted customers. This specific customer targeting may be crucial as there are numerous brands that are working for select group of people. It is these groups of people that decide the popularity, conversion rate, sales revenue, marketing strategy and long term

May 28

Score High in the Area of Customer Feedback with These Platforms

For any thriving business organization, it is necessary to keep record of customer’s choices, expectations, feedbacks, suggestions and other customer related data so as to increase their sales revenue. Without involving customer in your marketing strategy, it is impossible to strike gold in your business segment. As, they are the ones that are driving the

May 27

Reasons Why Social Media Should be Used Selectively for Improving Conversion Rate

The clout of social media has suddenly become huge and it has become an indispensable part of business organization around the world. You may have observed those social media symbols like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and such others on the website of different business organizations. Although its influence has been unchallenged in business sphere but

May 26

Take Care of These Website Elements that can Make Your Website Fail

Not everything that are present on your website is actually beneficial in converting your site visitors into your potential customers. These elements can often act as a distraction for your customers and can affect your sales revenue. E- commerce websites also has certain features on their site that affects the usability and sales revenue of