Conversion Rates

Nov 13

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes that you Need to Get Over

Driving quality traffic and converting them into paying customers is the ultimate goal of every eCommerce site. The idea of providing the visitors with complete experience may be a tricky deal, but working on various details might help in making this process a simple one. Taking careful steps for the conversion rate optimization is something

May 29

7 tips to increase your conversion rates instantly

When you are working on your conversion rate optimization, having a good conversion rate is what you aim for. Here I am enlisting 7 different ways that you can adopt in your CRO campaign to gain higher conversion rates. So, let’s just hop in and check out these tips. 1. Leverage the power of A/B

Jul 14

How can you Ensure Exceptional A/B Testing for your WordPress Site?

It is the right of every website to have greater conversions and sales in its particular business domain irrespective of the platform used by it. There is no logic to deprive a website of its share of business opportunities just because it is not following same set of development guidelines, features and backend platform. Due

Jun 27

Decoding the Multi- Variate Testing in a Brief

Improvements and innovations are the part of every business strategy in order to derive optimum results in the long run. If you are into the online business, it becomes imperative to utilize various web testing tools for improving your worth among business rivals. However, you need to be aware about the various web testing approaches

Jun 10

Free A/B Testing Software to Guarantee Higher Conversions

Softwares are changing our lives in a big way and we can’t deny their effective role in our day- to- day lives. With the growing footprint of the various IT and software companies around the world, new innovative softwares are created everyday for better life styles and quality of life. Now, people are increasingly using

Jun 6

A Free A/B Testing Tool to Transform Your Online Business

Everybody has a knack for getting products or services for free of cost and we all have a sparkle in our eyes whenever we hear about any such offer. This is one of the ideal situation for every buyer but it has become a distant reality considering the huge competition in the current business scenario.

May 30

Exploring A/B Testing for the success of online businesses

If you are involved in the field of online businesses, you might have heard about this web testing technique known as “A/B testing”. This is one of the most heard technique that is known in every other quarter of online business and is making the right noise due to its unmatched conversion optimization potential. With

May 27

Click Heat Map Tool for a seamless website redesign

A website which is not engaging and visually appealing is good for nothing as it is unable to fulfill the desired business goals. Any online visitor who comes to your site decides to spend a considerable amount of time if the website is compelling in terms of design, user experience and navigation. There are instances

May 25

Multi- variate Testing- Pitfalls that can affect your testing results (Part 2)

Everything has its own limitations and it is those shortcomings that hamper the effective utilization of an entity, product or services in the long run. Much has been “said, heard and told” about multi- variate testing but this web testing technique is still more a “mystery that remains to be unfolded”. Yes, we are not

May 20

3 A/B Testing mistakes that can be fatal for the growth of your E-Commerce Store

There is a certain aura and mystery around this web testing that has made it one of the most talked about word among numerous online businesses around the world. No business would like to gamble their reputation, conversions, sales and customer engagement especially when the competition is very tough. To undertake calculated risks for their