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Mar 23

SEO Tips to Steal for a Successful Website- Episode 2

Before treading an unknown path, it is important to know about the pros and cons of your step in order to minimize the extent of damage that could emerge out of that step. Similarly, when you are in an online business environment, you need to undertake each and every step very sensibly to grab that

Feb 23

6 Steps towards a Mind Blowing Product Descriptions for your E-Commerce Store

Online shoppers are in a habit of checking out the product descriptions and other details before finally making a purchase. People become convinced for making a product purchase when they feel that the product details specified are exactly as per their expectations and requirements. These few lines of product descriptions are often a major “attention

Feb 18

How Heat Map Data can Drive Conversions for your Business?

Data analysis is an important part of every business activity as it helps to provide critical insight about the performance and working of a business. Without the support of an effective website tracking and analysis software, you can’t decide what is going wrong, which are the grey areas in your site, what needs to be

Feb 15

A/B Testing- Its Rise and Rise and Rise in Business Environment- Volume 2

Every business entity is fighting a lone tough battle of “conversion rates and product sales” as the swords had already been drawn and various competitive websites are facing each other for that ultimate “do or die” situation. Nobody wants to lose this high stakes battle as a humiliating defeat would mean the end of gaining

Jan 27

Driving E-Commerce Conversions with Search Results Customization

For any online shopper, getting the desired product instantly through search results is nothing short of a “divine feeling” as nobody has much time to check out your each and every product category and sub category for getting the desired product. It perfectly makes sense to pay adequate attention towards search facility on your online

Jan 18

Golden SEO Tips To Win Over Your Site Visitors- Part 1

The “fate and future” of every online business entity is dependent on their presence on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. If you want to have a prominent position in this tough online business environment, you need to have an impressive search engine rankings so that your targeted customers can easily

Dec 3

A/B Testing Process In Five Simple Steps For Better Conversions

It is rightly said that “Don’t enter into the rough tides if you are not a great swimmer” as there are chances of getting lost due to the unfriendly waves. Similarly, don’t get ready to implement something about whom you are not fully aware in order to avoid the disappointment in terms of results. If

Nov 27

6 Social Media Tips To Drive E-Commerce Conversions

In this tech savvy world, technology and connectivity is playing a crucial role in bridging out the differences between different people. Among them, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in, Instagram and such others have connected millions and billions of people with each other by surpassing the linguistic, ethnic and geographical boundaries. With

Oct 27

Decoding The Tips That Determine The Validity Of Your A/B Test

The success in any event is a matter of hit and miss approach which means that sometimes you are bound to succeed whereas at other times your efforts may go in vain. Same is the case with A/B testing. There are no sure shot method to achieve success every time but by taking various precautionary

Oct 26

5 Action Points That Can Increase Customers For Your Business Organization

There is no such guarantee that every visitor on your e- commerce site will actually end up as a potential customer because there can be numerous unwanted elements on your site that may be affecting your customer engagement and interest. It is certainly a matter of great concern as if you can’t keep customers engaged