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Jun 4

Plunge inside the mystery of Conversion Rate Optimization- Part 2

Layers of mysteries are finally getting unfolded and more information is now obtained about this important key performance indicators (KPIs). This is one of the significant parameter that has the maximum weightage when it comes about deciding the future course of your online business. The importance and worth of conversion rate optimization can be judged

Apr 27

5 Blunders that can cost your E-Commerce Store Heavily

Even the greatest of the warriors and titans gets defeated in the battle field inspite of their impressive track record and falls flat in front of their arch rivals. There is no guarantee that a company which is currently the ace name in its particular business segment will still be at the top inspite of

Apr 18

Product Reviews- How to Compel your Shoppers to Write One?

Humans are influenced a lot by people around them and this is one such quality that can be utilized by various business entities to their advantage. It is a human tendency to talk about good things  with their family and friends. Understanding this human behavior, eCommerce stores are working towards engaging their customers to share

Apr 13

Tips to Engage your E-Commerce Customers with an Amazing Online Contest

Maintaining a steady momentum of sales is a challenging task for every eCommerce store given the tough business competition and changing dynamics of consumer purchasing behavior. Due to the increasing number of online stores, product sales are going to fluctuate on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Although, we don’t have authority to restrict the

Feb 23

6 Steps towards a Mind Blowing Product Descriptions for your E-Commerce Store

Online shoppers are in a habit of checking out the product descriptions and other details before finally making a purchase. People become convinced for making a product purchase when they feel that the product details specified are exactly as per their expectations and requirements. These few lines of product descriptions are often a major “attention

Feb 8

7 Content Marketing Tactics that can be the Savior for your E-Commerce Site

The might and influence of a captivating content can’t be under- estimated as it has the potential to change your conversion rates, site traffic, customer engagement and product sales. If you are able to maintain the interest and attention of your targeted customers towards your site, you can easily contribute towards improving your business fortune

Jan 29

5 A/B Testing Mistakes to Avoid for Ensuring the Success of Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns are important for every online business entity as you can’t rely on normal site traffic for maximum conversions in this cut throat competitive world. For ensuring a continuous foot- fall on your business entity, these ad campaigns can definitely be your game changer in terms of conversion rate optimization, site traffic, customer engagement

Jan 27

Driving E-Commerce Conversions with Search Results Customization

For any online shopper, getting the desired product instantly through search results is nothing short of a “divine feeling” as nobody has much time to check out your each and every product category and sub category for getting the desired product. It perfectly makes sense to pay adequate attention towards search facility on your online

Jan 18

Golden SEO Tips To Win Over Your Site Visitors- Part 1

The “fate and future” of every online business entity is dependent on their presence on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. If you want to have a prominent position in this tough online business environment, you need to have an impressive search engine rankings so that your targeted customers can easily

Jan 15

Hit The Bull’s Eye For Your E-Commerce Store With These 15 CRO Tips

Conversion rate optimization seems to be the only buzz word and the sole axis on which the entire business activity revolves around. If you can’t make a significant increase in the conversion rates of your online business, it means that you are fighting an “already lost battle” among your other business rivals. No doubt, getting