ecommerce conversion rates

Nov 13

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes that you Need to Get Over

Driving quality traffic and converting them into paying customers is the ultimate goal of every eCommerce site. The idea of providing the visitors with complete experience may be a tricky deal, but working on various details might help in making this process a simple one. Taking careful steps for the conversion rate optimization is something

Apr 29

The Making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 2

Mobiles are currently ruling the business landscape and this trend is going to continue in the future due to increased availability of mobile devices around the world. According to the global report of International Data Corporation (IDC) in year 2015, there were a total of 1.43 billion units of mobile device shipments across the world

Mar 31

Quick A/B Testing Tips for your Promotional Emails

When you have to drive sales and conversion rates on your eCommerce store, nothing matches the efficiency of promotional emails based on parameters like cost effectiveness, customer retention ratio, cost to conversions and success delivery rates. They are “ageless” and are still used increasingly inspite of the emergence of several other promotional and marketing mediums.