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May 6

Click Heat Map- A journey from Click Activity to Conversions

It is the need of the hour to keep a close eye on your site visitors for analyzing their site activity for better customer engagement and conversions. With the stiff business competition and constant rising consumer expectations, monitoring of the visitor behavior has become more important than before. This has definitely become one of the

May 4

The making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 4

There is an end to everything, so is this soul stirring journey about mobile site optimization.   You have walked a long mile and has been able to make drastic improvements in your mobile site without any trouble. There is now enough fire power in your mobile site that can take your business to an all

May 3

The making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 3

There is no limit of mobile world and it is expanding at a much faster rate than we might be thinking. With changing times, it is treading new unexplored territories which were earlier considered inappropriate for mobile devices. They are not just limited to voice and data services but are now part of a vigorous

Apr 29

The Making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 2

Mobiles are currently ruling the business landscape and this trend is going to continue in the future due to increased availability of mobile devices around the world. According to the global report of International Data Corporation (IDC) in year 2015, there were a total of 1.43 billion units of mobile device shipments across the world

Apr 27

5 Blunders that can cost your E-Commerce Store Heavily

Even the greatest of the warriors and titans gets defeated in the battle field inspite of their impressive track record and falls flat in front of their arch rivals. There is no guarantee that a company which is currently the ace name in its particular business segment will still be at the top inspite of

Apr 25

The Making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 1

It is rightly said that “Sometimes even a look is enough to decide which things are surely going to rule the hearts of the people”. This same story is true even for the mobile phones which has been ruling the roost within a short span of time. They are growing like mushrooms and has found

Apr 13

Tips to Engage your E-Commerce Customers with an Amazing Online Contest

Maintaining a steady momentum of sales is a challenging task for every eCommerce store given the tough business competition and changing dynamics of consumer purchasing behavior. Due to the increasing number of online stores, product sales are going to fluctuate on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Although, we don’t have authority to restrict the

Mar 31

Quick A/B Testing Tips for your Promotional Emails

When you have to drive sales and conversion rates on your eCommerce store, nothing matches the efficiency of promotional emails based on parameters like cost effectiveness, customer retention ratio, cost to conversions and success delivery rates. They are “ageless” and are still used increasingly inspite of the emergence of several other promotional and marketing mediums.

Mar 29

5 Tips to Kickstart your Mobile Commerce

Mobile phones have become omnipresent and omnipotent due to the low cost development of hardware devices and availability of open source mobile operating system like Android that can be easily modified. They have become an integral part of our day- to- day life and has influenced the personal and professional lives to a great extent.

Mar 23

SEO Tips to Steal for a Successful Website- Episode 2

Before treading an unknown path, it is important to know about the pros and cons of your step in order to minimize the extent of damage that could emerge out of that step. Similarly, when you are in an online business environment, you need to undertake each and every step very sensibly to grab that