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Feb 12

A/B testing- A Right Beginning for your Business – Volume 1

People have become more logical and rational today and don’t imitate anything once they are not fully assured about its importance and use. Similarly, A/B testing is one such buzz word that is most heard in the business scenario. However, there are numerous people who may not be much aware about this terminology and may

Oct 13

Reasons Why Your A/B Testing Results Are Not Doing Enough For Your Business Organization

In this jet age, every business organizations is running behind instant coffee results which are not only impractical but are also too risky in terms of long term business planning. In this mad race for achieving non feasible results, we are often ignoring the ground realities and end up with our efforts going in vain.

Jun 15

Quick tips for building customer rapport with a web analytics tool

Customer satisfaction and interaction is important for any business organizations be it small, medium or large. It is the fulcrum around which every business activities revolves. Without getting positive customer feedbacks, it is impossible to imagine the growth and progress of any business organization. It is no surprise that e- commerce companies do form a

Jun 15

Keep an eye on these E- commerce elements of your website for improved conversions

E- Commerce is a promising business area but it is also very challenging simultaneously. The mountain size expectations and changing consumer behavior has affected the sales revenue of numerous business organizations. But, by monitoring your site customers and your website elements, you can easily keep a tab on the changing moods and preferences of your

May 25

4 Spices For a Perfect Content Recipe

The complete focus on SEO strategies and the stiff battle for improved search engine rankings have led to the development of wide scale content. But, the big question that arises here, Is that content really worthy to consolidate your position on the search engine rankings or not? It is a crucial question that could determine

May 7

Supercharge Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons For Immediate Click and Conversions

On websites where the main goal is to convert visitors, the overall focus is on the CTA or Call To Action button. Before designing a high converting CTA button, you need to ensure that it is incorporated with 3 most important key elements, i.e “Attention”, “Strategy” and “Messaging”. These 3 when combined together can have