Free A/B testing

Nov 24

7 Do’s and Don’ts of A/B Testing

A/B testing can gain fortunes if it is done right. You can find tons of articles and posts explaining the best A/B testing ideas and hacks. They all pull up pretty well and provide some valuable information. However, I don’t want to be complex and high end with my post. I will keep it simple

Sep 8

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Trends that are here to Stay

Staying in sync with the emerging trends and the latest updates is crucially important for every profitable business unit. Even the eCommerce business scenario is saturated with competitions, there is still an ocean of opportunity that needs to be tapped. As this ecosystem is maturing with time, getting hold of the conversion rate optimization is

Sep 6

7 obvious A/B Test to Spot the Bottleneck of eCommerce Website Design

Optimizing the conversion rate of the online stores isn’t an easy game. While the product pricing and the discounts may turn the head of the visitor, there are many other ingredients that influence their purchasing behavior. The front end design and the layout of the web pages are one of the essential considerations. So, before

Jul 13

Avail the Amazing Web Testing Services of our MockingFish Tool for your Online Business

Some things emerge from nowhere and become ultimate champion within no time, same is the case with this MockingFish, a web testing tool. It rose to the top from the ground within a short span of time due to its unparalleled features and functionalities. The tool has grabbed the fancies and imaginations of various online

Jun 17

Come and Get this Free A/B Testing Tool for that Mind Blowing Site

Websites are increasing like swarms of bees and you could not determine when a particular website could go into a oblivion or when another site could be an instant hit among your targeted customers. It is all just a matter of mathematical theory of “hit and trial method” that can make your website a champion