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Feb 18

How Heat Map Data can Drive Conversions for your Business?

Data analysis is an important part of every business activity as it helps to provide critical insight about the performance and working of a business. Without the support of an effective website tracking and analysis software, you can’t decide what is going wrong, which are the grey areas in your site, what needs to be

Nov 4

37 E-Commerce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) That Forms The Backbone Of Your Online Store

There are various criterion that define the success or failure of various events. These factors are known as performance driven metrics that drive the success and growth of a business organization in this cut throat competitive world. Similarly, to become successful in the field of eCommerce industry, you need to be in constant touch in

Oct 16

Grab Your Visitors Attention Towards Your Website And Its Elements Through Our Attention Heat Map Tool

A website would be of no use if it can’t pull off customers towards your business organization or can’t get enough attention of your targeted customers. It would certainly be a grave situation for your future business prospects if you can’t get your visitors engaged to your business organization which could in turn affect your

Oct 13

Reasons Why Your A/B Testing Results Are Not Doing Enough For Your Business Organization

In this jet age, every business organizations is running behind instant coffee results which are not only impractical but are also too risky in terms of long term business planning. In this mad race for achieving non feasible results, we are often ignoring the ground realities and end up with our efforts going in vain.

Sep 10

How Emails Can Contribute In Your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy?

Conversion rate optimization is becoming one of the hot topic of discussion and concern among various business organizations of the world. Everybody is struggling hard to grab a major share of profit in the world of e- commerce. To facilitate an effective business communication between organizations and targeted customers, emails are one of the most

Sep 4

Steps To Rebuild Marketing Strategy For Your E- Commerce Organization

Marketing and promotion is very important and forms an integral part of the present business environment. In order to boost your product sales and customer traffic, it is important to promote your business organization actively among your targeted customers. Further, in this cut throat competitive world, it becomes mandatory to spend time, money and efforts

Aug 26

Some Brilliant Tips To Improve Your e- Commerce Site Navigation

Every visitor visiting any e- commerce site may have complained about the regular interruptions and technical glitches during the site navigation. It is important to allow your visitors to move freely on your site so as to grab their instant attention towards your site and to improve your conversion rates. There should not be any

Aug 25

Factors Affecting The Performance Of E- Commerce Platforms

Often, the performance of the e- commerce organization is dependent on the platforms chosen by them. Although, every e- commerce platform claims to be SEO friendly, faster in performance, capable of handling huge customer traffic and other such factors but very few of them can stand tall on their earlier made claims. An e- commerce