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Dec 11

7 Tips To Increase The Productivity Of Your CTA Buttons

Call- to- action (CTA) buttons are an important part of every website and has the potential to grab the instant attention of every onsite visitor towards them. Without an appealing CTA button, businesses can’t expect of making a significant impact in terms of conversion rates, site traffic and sales revenue. They are a paramount element

Sep 9

Exploring The World Of Mocking Fish As A Heat Map Tool

There is a popular saying which goes “Everything which is unexplored has an aura of mystery around it which ultimately results in fascination or fear for that thing”. The above statement is equally true for Mocking Fish which is a new entrant in the field of web testing and web analytics tools but it is

Aug 28

How To Build Customers For Your Business With A User Generated Content?

Customer engagement is becoming very crucial for the success of any business organization as it is ultimately the customers who are at the helm of influencing the business prospects of any organization. In order to boost their product sales and conversion rates, e- commerce organizations are interacting with their targeted customers through social media accounts,

Aug 21

Easy Tips For An Inspiring Home Page

Home page is one of the first element that grabs the attention of any site visitors and thus it needs to be appealing so as to capture the interest of your targeted customers. Your home page is the pathway to your business organization and provides valuable insight about your company, its expertise, business goals, achievements

Aug 19

Busting The Myth Around Conversion Rate Optimization

Today the success and failure of a business organization is measured by the performance metrics like conversion rates optimization, site traffic and profit margins. Further, it would not be hyperbole to say that they all three are interlinked to each other. It is important to keep a track on these performance metrics through the help

Aug 19

Attention Elements Of A Website Required For Mobile Optimization

The transition of the e- commerce organizations into the world of mobile market has been in the recent times but the efforts are still rewarding due to the huge business opportunities provided by this platform. More and more organizations are making foray into this lesser known mobile world so as to increase their chances of

Aug 10

3 Effective Tips To Beat Your E- Commerce Competitors

Tracking and analyzing the each and every move of your competitor is very important be it the scenario of battle field or the business environment. Successful business organization follow their rival business organization religiously and prepare their business strategy accordingly so as to excel in their particular business segment. If you can’t keep a track

Aug 6

How To Analyze Your Key Performance Metrics With A Web Analytics Tool?

Due to the emergence of numerous online business organizations, customers have got numerous options in a particular business segment and this has made conversion rates a crucial task. Marketing and promotional activities are not just enough to boost your sales but you also need some real time statistics data that can help you to plan

Aug 4

4 Pathways To A Smiling E- Commerce Customer

A smiling customer is the biggest achievement of a business organization and provides clear insights about its reputation and working among its targeted customers. It would be no surprise if we say that it is the stepping stone to the long term success and survival of a business entity. If you want to achieve big

Aug 4

3 Concern Areas That Can Affect Your Web Analytics Results

For maintaining the long term association with your customers and to keep your growth momentum intact, it is necessary to monitor your customers from time to time. It will keep you updated about the changing moods, behavior and preferences of your targeted customers and will guide you about the changes that you need to implement.