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Dec 8

Journey From Shopping Surveys To E-Commerce Conversions

Communication with your customers play a key role in every business activity be it online or offline and tends to influence the business fortunes to a great extent. It would not be a hyperbole statement to say that “Knowing your customers well is the key towards your conversions” as it provides you an opportunity to

Nov 30

Win E-Commerce Conversions Battle With These 9 Merchandising Tips

Presentation plays a crucial role in the growth and progress of an eCommerce business as “Appearance are the foremost priority for most of the people”. Considering the changing visual behavior of the customers towards the selection of a product on an online store, merchandising has become the core issue for numerous eCommerce companies around the

Nov 19

13 Email Marketing Tips For An Effective Customer Targeting

It is rightly said that “Time does not move for certain things” or “Some things get better with age”. It would not be an overrated or hyperbolic statement if the same is said about the email marketing campaigns that are flourishing with every passing time. In this age of brutal competition, it is a difficult

Nov 4

37 E-Commerce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) That Forms The Backbone Of Your Online Store

There are various criterion that define the success or failure of various events. These factors are known as performance driven metrics that drive the success and growth of a business organization in this cut throat competitive world. Similarly, to become successful in the field of eCommerce industry, you need to be in constant touch in

Oct 19

Revealing The Unchartered Territory Of Mocking Fish Heat Map Tool

Monitoring and analyzing the targeted customers has become an indispensable part of every business organization. If you are unable to track the onsite activity and behavior of your site visitors, you can’t expect to turn the tides of your business organization into your favor. To help you in this crucial situation, you can take the