Multi Variate Testing

Sep 8

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Trends that are here to Stay

Staying in sync with the emerging trends and the latest updates is crucially important for every profitable business unit. Even the eCommerce business scenario is saturated with competitions, there is still an ocean of opportunity that needs to be tapped. As this ecosystem is maturing with time, getting hold of the conversion rate optimization is

Sep 8

5 Simple Steps to Make your Multi Variate Testing Successful

Multi- variate testing is an advanced form of web testing technique that is seen as something reserved for the elite site owners. There are so much mystery build around this web testing technique that it is often not used enthusiastically by a large group of site owners around the world. In comparison to A/B testing

Jul 20

Difference Between A/B Testing and Multi- Variate Testing

  It is a common scenario that when we are provided with multiple options, we want to choose the one based on the features, functionalities and services it provides to us. Similarly, in the field of web testing, there are mainly two types of testing approaches that are mostly popular- A/B testing and Multi- variate

Jul 13

Avail the Amazing Web Testing Services of our MockingFish Tool for your Online Business

Some things emerge from nowhere and become ultimate champion within no time, same is the case with this MockingFish, a web testing tool. It rose to the top from the ground within a short span of time due to its unparalleled features and functionalities. The tool has grabbed the fancies and imaginations of various online

Jun 27

Decoding the Multi- Variate Testing in a Brief

Improvements and innovations are the part of every business strategy in order to derive optimum results in the long run. If you are into the online business, it becomes imperative to utilize various web testing tools for improving your worth among business rivals. However, you need to be aware about the various web testing approaches

May 25

Multi- variate Testing- Pitfalls that can affect your testing results (Part 2)

Everything has its own limitations and it is those shortcomings that hamper the effective utilization of an entity, product or services in the long run. Much has been “said, heard and told” about multi- variate testing but this web testing technique is still more a “mystery that remains to be unfolded”. Yes, we are not

May 11

Multi-Variate Testing- A Web Technique for Seamless Website Redesign and Conversions

Sometimes, there are people who are not fascinated by simpler things and are looking for something that is not ordinary and involves testing their imagination and skill set to a higher level. Similarly, for web marketers who are not satisfied with the simplicity and limited functionality of A/B testing, this is definitely a great start

Oct 28

8 Must Follow Up Tips That Can Help You In Utilizing A/B Testing For Low Traffic Sites

  There are various misconceptions about A/B testing that are making it difficult to use this web testing approach for online business organizations with a moderate to less site traffic. Most often, A/B testing is perceived as something that is meant only for a high traffic website which is absolutely baseless as it is equally

Oct 14

Utilize The Services Of This Free A/B Testing Tool For A Brighter E- Commerce Fortune

In a competitive business environment, business organizations can’t take decision in a haste without thinking about the pros and cons of their decisions. They need the proper statistical data to ensure that their implemented decisions are not going to hurt their conversion rates, product sales and site traffic. A slight changes in your website without

Apr 17

5 Sins You Must Avoid While A/B Testing Your Website

Do you want your precious efforts to get wasted? Just as important it is to know how to improve website’s functionality to see great results, it is equally crucial to know what to avoid to ensure that your efforts are not being wasted. Have a look into these 5 sins that marketers generally do while