scroll heatmap tool

Dec 21

Steps to choose a Heatmapping Tool for your website

If you think that heatmapping is a tiring task and you shouldn’t indulge in this, you should understand that it is a method that gives visible results and is a cake walk. The method helps you analyze your visitor’s interaction with your eCommerce website. Moreover, it lets you know the behavior of your visitor on

Nov 1

6 ways Heatmap Tools may help in Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale

The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday has alarmed the web store owners to buckle for upcoming holiday sales. It is one of the most awaited time of the year for the eCommerce store owners as the significant rate of the one sales break all record during these sales. Therefore, ever possible efforts have been

Oct 16

7 Preparations you Need to make Before the Holiday Season Sales

The overall success of a website can be estimated by the total traffic it receives. The more is the traffic, better are the chances of the website conversions. So, the main target of the website admin is to keep the eCommerce store in sync with the technological changes, so that, the visitors have a better

Oct 13

5 Ways Scroll Heatmap Helps you Identify the Customer’s Behavior

The overall success of a website is determined by it’s contents to a very large extend. Meanwhile, one of the other factor which acts as a supporting feature would be the customer’s enrollment with those contents. A website admin must know about the performance of the website. It enables the admin to make better edits

Feb 18

How Heat Map Data can Drive Conversions for your Business?

Data analysis is an important part of every business activity as it helps to provide critical insight about the performance and working of a business. Without the support of an effective website tracking and analysis software, you can’t decide what is going wrong, which are the grey areas in your site, what needs to be

Dec 11

7 Tips To Increase The Productivity Of Your CTA Buttons

Call- to- action (CTA) buttons are an important part of every website and has the potential to grab the instant attention of every onsite visitor towards them. Without an appealing CTA button, businesses can’t expect of making a significant impact in terms of conversion rates, site traffic and sales revenue. They are a paramount element

Dec 8

Journey From Shopping Surveys To E-Commerce Conversions

Communication with your customers play a key role in every business activity be it online or offline and tends to influence the business fortunes to a great extent. It would not be a hyperbole statement to say that “Knowing your customers well is the key towards your conversions” as it provides you an opportunity to

Oct 19

Revealing The Unchartered Territory Of Mocking Fish Heat Map Tool

Monitoring and analyzing the targeted customers has become an indispensable part of every business organization. If you are unable to track the onsite activity and behavior of your site visitors, you can’t expect to turn the tides of your business organization into your favor. To help you in this crucial situation, you can take the

Oct 8

5 A/B Testing Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Organization Heavily

With the changing dynamics of the online business environment, there is an increased thrust over the use of new tools and strategies so as to provide a comfortable position to your business organization in its particular segment. The worldwide frenzy and madness around A/B testing is the result of the similar efforts in that direction.

Aug 31

Simple Tips To Increase The Effectiveness And Worth Of Your Content

Writing promotional content and blogs for your business organization is of no use until and unless, you can’t drive customers towards your site. For inspiring and influencing people about making any purchase through your site, you need to have an appealing website design backed with a strong keyword specific content. The large piles of the