scroll heatmap

Aug 30

Best Heatmap and Click Tracking Solutions for Any Website

The importance and utility of a heatmap has now been well understood by every website owner and they don’t need any further introduction. It is clear that website tracking and monitoring can make a crucial impact on the business fortunes of any website but the key to this success in making the right selection of

Aug 29

Use of Heatmap Tool to Improve Conversion

It is really a great feeling for every online business if they can monitor the activity of their site visitors and can utilize the same data for the growth of their online business. In a competitive business environment, it is important to keep a track on your visitor activity to grab the maximum sales and

Aug 23

How to Bring Customers Towards Conversion Funnel Through Scroll Heatmap?

With the presence of scrolling facility on a site, visitors can access a large volume of information by occupying a small space on the website. They are particularly useful when you have to feature a wide range of elements and data on your website. To make the proper utilization of scrolling activity on your site,

Aug 2

How to Improve User Experience with a Heatmap Tool?

Site visitors play a supreme role in enhancing the performance of an online store as they are the ones who take the final crucial business decision. It is definitely a herculean task to keep these visitors engaged on your online store for optimum business results. User experience offered by your site has a critical role

Jul 22

Understanding the Basics of Heatmap

It is rightly said that “If you want to make the most of a situation, it is important to have a complete understanding of the concerned elements” for avoiding any confusion and mismanagement in the later stage. There has been a great speculation and gossip about heatmaps regarding their overview, performance, importance and types for

Jul 1

How can you use WordPress Heatmap Tool for the Growth of Your Business?

There is always a pressure on every business to perform well and stay ahead from its rivals in terms of performance. This strong urge and business necessity works for every other site irrespective of the platforms used by them. It is important to focus on the performance of your business to achieve desired business goals

Aug 26

Some Brilliant Tips To Improve Your e- Commerce Site Navigation

Every visitor visiting any e- commerce site may have complained about the regular interruptions and technical glitches during the site navigation. It is important to allow your visitors to move freely on your site so as to grab their instant attention towards your site and to improve your conversion rates. There should not be any

Aug 22

How To Make Your Digital Marketing Strategy Pay Back Your Efforts?

There are various business organizations whose digital marketing strategies are not paying them any results and are not contributing in any way in increasing their conversion rates. This not only causes a wastage of money but also a wastage of sheer efforts. Further, it is also an alarming situation if you are continuously losing your

Jul 22

How Can Heat Maps Improve Your E- Commerce Business?

There is no sure shot path of success in any business venture be it an IT company, real estate sector, manufacturing facility or an e- commerce store. The emergence of stiff competition and the ever rising expectations of the customers have made it difficult for the business organizations to post profit among their business rivals.

Jul 21

How To Add A Tinge Of Personalization In Your Sales Funnel?

Personalization has been the new found love for everything be it mobile phones, cars, bikes, softwares, pendants or any other items. It has become synonymous with today’s fast paced and extra loving generation that wants something extraordinary and unique in nature. In the field of e- commerce business, if you want to provide your customers