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Aug 20

Drive Your Business Growth With The Expertise Of Split Testing

Although, business organizations have suddenly diverted their attention towards the area of A/B testing but it is not something that has emerged overnight. This practice has become quite popular among various e- commerce organizations and the success of e- commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart and such others have shown that it has tremendous

Aug 11

3 Key Strategies That Can Help In A/B Testing

Increasing business competition in a particular segment and the sky rocketing expectation of the customers have forced e- commerce companies to adopt new risk mitigation techniques so as to control the extent of revenue losses due to policy failure. A/B testing is one such effort in this direction that is increasingly becoming popular among various

Aug 8

Key Elements To Be Tested In An E- Commerce Website

E- commerce business has been the most lucrative business segment for various business organizations due to busy lifestyle of the people and the ease of online shopping and goods delivery. This area has shown unparalleled growth opportunities and revenue collection due to the increasing expanse of the online business. However, to achieve stupendous success, it

Jul 24

3 Hurdles That Can Affect The Success Of Your A/B Testing

Success and failure are defined by the strict compliance of the various performance metrics that can change the face of your entire business organization. Just like any sport can be won only by strictly performing well in accordance with the laid rules and regulations so is the case with A/B testing. But, often, we step

Jul 18

Ways To Increase The Significance Of Your Published Content

Publishing a content alone can’t guarantee you a huge number of customers on your e- commerce store. There are other key things that needs to be followed after posting your content online so as to increase its global reach and significance. Your content can only contribute in your sales revenue and business aspirations if it

May 18

Don’t Forget To Track These 5 Website Metrics

How are your customers moving through your site? For any website that has more than a page or two, this is crucially important but website marketers often ignore this. If you have a website, collecting data on visitors’ behaviour to your site is extremely important. The more data you can collect from visitors, the more