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Nov 1

6 ways Heatmap Tools may help in Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale

The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday has alarmed the web store owners to buckle for upcoming holiday sales. It is one of the most awaited time of the year for the eCommerce store owners as the significant rate of the one sales break all record during these sales. Therefore, ever possible efforts have been

Oct 16

7 Preparations you Need to make Before the Holiday Season Sales

The overall success of a website can be estimated by the total traffic it receives. The more is the traffic, better are the chances of the website conversions. So, the main target of the website admin is to keep the eCommerce store in sync with the technological changes, so that, the visitors have a better

Oct 13

5 Ways Scroll Heatmap Helps you Identify the Customer’s Behavior

The overall success of a website is determined by it’s contents to a very large extend. Meanwhile, one of the other factor which acts as a supporting feature would be the customer’s enrollment with those contents. A website admin must know about the performance of the website. It enables the admin to make better edits

Aug 19

What is Website Heatmap Tool? All you Need to Know About It.

Websites are meant to grab visitor attention and boost sales revenue for any business. To serve this crucial purpose, they need to be engaging and compelling for site visitors. Although, there are various factors that can affect the conversion and engagement potential of your site but the impact of a heatmap tool can’t be ignored

Sep 9

Tips To Improve The Reachability Of Your Website Blog

A wonderful and inspiring blog has the potential to win over the hearts and instant attention of your targeted customers. You can make your customers swear by your advertised products by creating awareness through your appealing writings. A niche blog will help you in making your products more desirable to your targeted customers and will

Sep 2

Some Effective Social Media Sites That Can Change The Face Of Your Business Organization

Social media sites are not only the craze among the young generation but it is actually quite popular among the business community due to its global reach among numerous people. Several social media sites like Facebook have a billion of fan following and acts as a lucrative option to business organization for promoting their goods

Sep 1

How To Make The Sales With Your Attractive Email Subject Lines?

Although, technology and business promotional strategies are changing at a fast pace but still emails have remained as one of the most important medium of business communication around the world. These emails are increasingly used by various business organizations to target potential customers about their advertised product and can be sent to a number of

Aug 25

Factors Affecting The Performance Of E- Commerce Platforms

Often, the performance of the e- commerce organization is dependent on the platforms chosen by them. Although, every e- commerce platform claims to be SEO friendly, faster in performance, capable of handling huge customer traffic and other such factors but very few of them can stand tall on their earlier made claims. An e- commerce

Aug 22

How To Utilize User Behavior For The Growth Of Your Business Organization?

Interpreting user behavior is a tough task for any business organization and has the potential to affect the sales of any business organization directly. It is important to understand the behavior and mindset of your targeted customers so that you can cater them effectively according to their taste and preferences. If you can relate with

Aug 11

3 Key Approaches To Have Great Traffic On Your Site

Site traffic has become one of the fundamental concerns for numerous business organizations around the world. You need to have a strong footfall in terms of customer traffic on your site so as to change your business fortunes. If you can’t bring customers towards your e- commerce store, you can’t expect windfall changes in your