WordPress heatmap tool

Sep 5

How to Add Heatmap Tracking to your WordPress Site?

Tracking customers on a site is an important activity that can define the future course of a website in an online business environment. The battle of conversions and sales is intensifying further which explains the need for a heatmap tool in the current business scenario. By keeping a constant vigil on their visitors, site owners

Aug 5

A Quick Overview of MockingFish WordPress Heatmap Tool

It has been a great day for WordPress site owners around the world as they can now constantly track and monitor their website without any hurdle. Yes! It is true. MockingFish heatmap tool is now available for WordPress platform in order to provide a clear idea to site owners regarding the performance of their website.

Jul 1

How can you use WordPress Heatmap Tool for the Growth of Your Business?

There is always a pressure on every business to perform well and stay ahead from its rivals in terms of performance. This strong urge and business necessity works for every other site irrespective of the platforms used by them. It is important to focus on the performance of your business to achieve desired business goals