Apr 29

The Making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 2

Tips to Mobile Optimize your eCommerce site | Mockingfish

An optimized mobile site is the guarantee of higher conversions and sales for your business.

Mobiles are currently ruling the business landscape and this trend is going to continue in the future due to increased availability of mobile devices around the world. According to the global report of International Data Corporation (IDC) in year 2015, there were a total of 1.43 billion units of mobile device shipments across the world which shows a 10.1 percent increase in the mobile device shipments that were made in the previous year. With this strong global demand of smart phones, there is a dire need to make your online business easily accessible through these mobile devices. If you are still not taking appropriate steps in this direction, you are certainly making the biggest blunder that can hurt your business interest badly. Mobile landing pages are an important constituent that can ensure the effective customer engagement and sales for your business entity. Take a look at the various tips that can change the face of your mobile landing pages.

1. Work towards optimizing the user experience of your mobile users-

Work towards optimizing the user experience of your mobile users | Knowband

An appealing mobile user experience ensures better site traffic and customer engagement.

Unlike, the conventional desktops and laptops, the amount of space or real estate is very limited in a mobile phone which makes it difficult to present your site elements in an engaging manner. As, there is a limited area in mobile device for user navigation and scrolling, it is important to feature only the relevant and necessary site elements in order to grab the maximum customer attention and proper utilization of mobile real estate. You need to focus on improving the usability of your mobile site in order to help customers fulfill a particular purpose. Stick to your basic aim of enhancing the user experience of your customers for achieving your desired business goals and eCommerce conversion rates.

2. Make selective use of social sharing buttons on your site- You need to be completely aware about the sole purpose and motive of your site in order to stay ahead from your rivals. It is often seen that mobile site owners do have a “hidden love and fascination” for social sharing buttons as they tend to bring more site traffic. However, they can work negatively for your business as they can take the required customer attention from your site to another social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked in and such others. You need to first analyze the need for social sharing buttons on your mobile site and then utilize them accordingly. If you are not in a position to make a clear decision, you can take the help of A/B testing tool like Mocking Fish that can help in this crucial decision by providing the clear insight about the number of conversions achieved by the each individual web page version for deciding the winner page for your site.

3. Pay attention to the images used on your site-

Pay attention to the images used on your site | Mockingfish

Engaging product images can create customer interest towards your website.

Images are important for every business entity as they help in grabbing maximum customer attention. Particularly, in case of eCommerce sites, it is important to have an appealing and high quality product images that can grab instant customer interest and can persuade them for making a quick product purchase. However, it should be noted that these images are optimized in order to facilitate a quick loading mobile site. It is one of the significant mobile site optimization tips that can have a far reaching effect on the growth and expansion of your eCommerce business, so don’t ignore it for your business interests.

4. Utilize white spaces in your web content as and where required- A cluttered web design is an eye sore that can hamper the chances of your business growth and customer engagement. You need to have a simple and engaging web design that makes user interface much more interesting than before. Use of white spaces can help a lot in this direction as it improves the visibility and readability of your site content. The clearer the user interface of your mobile site, the better will be the engagement of your site customers for higher eCommerce conversion rates and product sales.

These are some of the valuable tips that can help in optimizing the landing page of your mobile site. If you are able to grab the instant attention of your mobile users through your engaging landing page, it will not be surprising if cash starts flowing on your cash counters with abundance of site visitors.