May 3

The making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 3

The making of an amazing mobile landing page | Mockingfish

An appealing mobile site can ensure higher rate of customer engagement and better sales.

There is no limit of mobile world and it is expanding at a much faster rate than we might be thinking. With changing times, it is treading new unexplored territories which were earlier considered inappropriate for mobile devices. They are not just limited to voice and data services but are now part of a vigorous online campaign for numerous eCommerce entities around the world. Mobiles have become new mediums of business engagement and companies are also formulating their strategies around these devices for grabbing maximum profit share among their rivals. If you are still not serious about this medium, you are certainly making a bigger mistake that can hamper your future growth chances.

1. Showcase your products in the most appealing manner-

Showcase your products in the most appealing manner | Mockingfish

Presentation of product on a site helps in optimizing customer attention and sales.

The presentation of a site matters a lot in the online business environment as it is the first thing that grabs the instant attention of your site visitors and paves the future path for conversion rates. Especially, in case of eCommerce sites, it makes complete sense about how you showcase your products/services to your targeted consumers. If you can influence their mind for a while, you can effortlessly set the first step towards achieving optimum product sales and conversions for your online store.

2. Make your site more accessible on multiple platforms-

Make your site more accessible on multiple platforms | Mockingfish

Cross platform adaptability of your website increases the customer base and reach of your business.

Web browsing patterns are changing with time and once popular desktops and laptops are now replaced with smart phone, tablets or other mobile devices. Due to this changing browsing behavior, you need to focus upon improving the accessibility of your mobile site across multiple platforms. This cross browser adaptability of your site do enhances the chances of your business growth and  helps in improving your conversion rates. If you are feeling helpless in this direction, you can take the help of various mobile web development platforms like HTML5, CSS3/JS, metro design UX, mobile speed optimization sites (Pingdom, Gtmetrix, Page Speed Insights and more) for achieving a mobile site of your dreams and expectations.

3. Check that your site is easily legible to your readers- There is a limited screen space on a mobile site which makes it difficult to scroll or navigate around your pages. In order to spread the word about your mobile site, you need to use an appropriate font type and size in order to make your site more readable and legible. If your text is so small which makes your user to zoom it for reading properly, you are certainly doing a grave mistake by not focusing on the readability aspect of your site. Optimize the overall font size and style for your site as per the guidelines of search engines like Google in order to avoid their harsh penalties. For deciding the right font type and style for your site, you can take the help of A/B testing tool such as Mocking Fish that can be your guide in this particular area.

4. Don’t flood your site with flash, heavy graphics and non mobile softwares- Addition of heavy graphics, flash players and other non mobile softwares tends to make a site much slower in response and performance. The average processing speed, graphics and memory size of a mobile device is not comparable with the likes of a desktop or laptops. Due to this limited capability, you need to refrain yourself from falling into the traps of flash movies, heavy graphics ads, backgrounds and other such elements. Just stick to the notion of “Simplicity is the key to ultimate satisfaction” and you will find it as most appropriate for mobile sites to achieve higher conversion rates and customer engagement.

Don’t turn away your back towards mobile site optimization as it can prove to be fatal for your online business entity. Remember this old saying, “Make hay while the sun shines” and you will understand why mobile devices need to be given adequate attention for getting optimum business results. You can’t simply ignore this area anymore as it can script the path of your future business engagements, conversion rates and growth.