May 4

The making of an Amazing Mobile Landing Page- Chapter 4

The making of an amazing mobile landing page | Mockingfish

Optimize your mobile site for driving the growth of your eCommerce business entity.

There is an end to everything, so is this soul stirring journey about mobile site optimization.   You have walked a long mile and has been able to make drastic improvements in your mobile site without any trouble. There is now enough fire power in your mobile site that can take your business to an all together different level. In this last and concluding part of this mobile landing page optimization series, we are going to discuss some more amazing tips that can make your landing page more appealing to your visitors. Here are the mega tips that can make a huge impact in this area and can throw some guiding light in this epic journey.

1. Help your visitors sail or navigate around your site smoothly- 

Help your visitors sail or navigate around your site smoothly | Mockingfish

A user friendly mobile site is the guarantee of higher customer engagement and conversions.

Site navigation is an important parameter that decides the performance and productivity of your site in the long run. You can’t ignore this crucial area if you want to become an unrivaled champion in your particular eCommerce segment. Make sure that your visitors are enjoying the same level of user experience and site functionality on their mobile devices just as they were earlier getting on traditional desktops and laptops. The screen size and difference in processing capabilities can’t be an excuse to rob your visitors of an user experience that they actually deserves. With this improved user experience, you can seamlessly achieve higher eCommerce conversion rates and sales for your store.

2. Make your CTA buttons easily clickable- 

Make your CTA buttons easily clickable | Mockingfish

Appealing CTA button is the key to better customer engagement and product sales.

Unlike a traditional desktop or laptop screen, the navigation and screen size of a mobile screen is very limited. Due to this, clicking on various site elements like CTA buttons, link, image or any other component becomes a difficult task on a mobile screen. You need to ensure that your CTAs are thumb friendly in order to facilitate seamless clicking without any need for zooming. An easily clickable button will improve the online shopping experience of your buyers which in turn enhance your eCommerce conversion rates and product sales. Besides this, you can make use of an effective A/B testing and heat map tool like Mocking Fish that can increase the usability and performance of your CTA buttons.

3. Incorporate geo- data in your business growth and expansion plans- 

Incorporate geo- data in your business growth and expansion plans | mockingfish

Geo mobile data helps in effective customer targeting for better conversions and customer engagement.

With the rapid growth and evolution in technology, it is now easier to determine the geographical location of a user based on their respective IP addresses. Due to this location specific information about your visitors, it is now much easier to prepare customer specific shopping offers and deals based on their particular location for getting higher eCommerce conversion rates and sales. In order to be successful in this area, you need to customize your offer, include relevant map according to user location, auto- fill feature for location information and other such mechanisms for effective mobile targeting.

4. Make your web forms more engaging and simplified- In mobile phones, it is a cumbersome task to fill multiple information for registering on a web form due to the limited space and navigation capability. Keep your web forms simplified, short and relevant to the purpose of your site for getting higher customer attention and engagement on your online store. Simplification is the key for achieving bumper eCommerce conversion rates and product sales for an eCommerce store.

It is the most opportune moment for your business where you need to implement these exceptional mobile landing page optimization tips for deriving optimum business results. If you are still not active in this crucial approach, you will surely have a tough time in getting the required eCommerce conversion rates and product sales among your rivals.