Oct 20

The Might Of Call- To- Action Buttons For Driving Conversions On Your E- Commerce Website

There can’t be any website in the world which are working without any motive and these motives are fulfilled by an effective call- to action (CTA) buttons. They drive the purpose of creating a particular website and inform site visitors about the particular purpose of a website. The effectiveness of these call- to- action buttons can be judged from the fact that they help in achieving the conversion rates for a particular website. But, there are numerous instances when these CTA buttons are not performing according to their required potential and it needs to be analyzed what is stopping them to achieve their desired targets. In order to focus on this grave situation, here are the few points that may be hindering the effective utilization of your call- to- action buttons.


Position and placement of your CTA buttons- Always remember that the effective position of your CTA buttons can increase the customer attention and engagement towards them. You need to select a particular position for your CTA buttons above or below the fold so as to grab the instant attention of your targeted customers. In order to analyze the best suitable place for your call- to- action buttons, you can perform A/B testing on the position of your CTA buttons so as to decide which particular position gets the maximum number of conversion rates from your targeted customers and can make changes in the position of your e- commerce call- to- action buttons accordingly. Further, you need to check the different areas of your website like top, left, right, bottom or middle where your CTA buttons can be placed so as to get the maximum attention from your targeted customers.


Effective button size- Apart from their position, the size of the CTA buttons do play a crucial role in their proper utilization. Business organizations need to check whether their CTA buttons are clearly visible on their website or not so as to get immediate attention from their targeted customers. Ensure that your CTA button is of ideal size that is effectively visible to your site visitors on multiple devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets so as to increase their chances of getting clicked.


Color of your CTA buttons- Different colors have a different psychological impact on the minds of the customers and has the potential to attract or alienate them towards your e- commerce site. You would not believe that a simple change in the color of your CTA buttons can affect their utilization and conversion rates to such an extent. So, choose your color wisely that can grab your visitor’s imagination and attention easily so as to influence your conversion rates and the effective utilization of these CTA buttons.


Text or statement related to the CTA button- We all know the power of words like “free”, “best prices”, “limited offer”, “now” and other such words that convey a sense of curiosity among your targeted customers and ultimately drives their attention towards your call- to- action buttons. You need to perform split testing on the call- to- action statements of your buttons so as to check which statements make the maximum impact over your customers in driving your customer rates and product sales through your e- commerce store. For example, for getting your customers sign up for getting a free ebook with a CTA message of “Get your free ebook now” will have more impact among your customers than a simple “Submit” message. This encouraging CTA message of “Get your free ebook now” will have more sign up requests by customers and will ultimately increase your conversion rates.


Proper font size and type of your CTA message- Don’t get tempted to use those stylish font sizes and font type that may appear as stylish but can actually decrease the readability of your CTA message. Use only a legible font type and size that can be effortlessly viewed at an appropriate distance and irrespective of the screen size used by the visitors. An effective font type and size will convey your desired message more effectively among your targeted customers and will enhance the usability of your CTA buttons.

By making the required changes in your call- to- action buttons, e- commerce organizations can improve their conversion rates and customer engagement to a great extent. Further, these changes will ensure that your CTA buttons are effectively utilized in your website and they are not just adding up unnecessary space on your site.