Mar 13

These are the reasons why Businesses are not happy with their Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimization

Did you know that only 22% businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate? If you didn’t, the study conducted by Econsultancy, the Conversion Rate Optimization report states the same and some other important details. Some other essential observations that you should know include:

  • The businesses are unintentionally shooing away the visitors
  • The businesses have no or low customer engagement on the website
  • The major concerns include high bounce rate and low conversions.

Is your business facing the same problems? Is conversion your problem? Go on reading you just answered that question with a yes.

Conversion rate optimization is a lengthy procedure that helps the store admin or the e-merchant understand what’s wrong with the website and why exactly visitors aren’t converting after landing on different landing pages. The procedure also helps you optimize the website in a way that it boosts conversions.

The problems with CRO Implementation

CRO Implementation

If you take a look at the conversion rate optimization industry, it has grown out to be one of the biggest industries in today’s time. However, there are CRO mistakes that should be mended before they hamper your website and its conversions. What can the major problems be when it comes to low conversion rate? They are:

  • No technical knowledge which leads to nowhere
  • Minimal or no industry experience
  • Lack of resources
  • No defined process
  • No quality assurance

Let’s now take every problem and discuss the same in detail.

No technical knowledge

Technical Knowledge

According to ConversionXL, the CRO professionals have been in the industry for 2 years or lesser than that. While some of them would have been working on the fundamental roles of CRO earlier, but then there’s a larger chunk or professionals who have minimal or no technical knowledge. After all, having specialization in UX, Design, and other fields don’t serve the need to be an expert.


Picture credit: conversionXL

Moreover, you’d also have professionals who tend to confuse between CRO techniques and A/B testing and how they both are a part of the optimization process.

Minimal or no industry experience

As we had mentioned in the beginning that CRO is a developing industry which has been changing ever since it started to grow. With the different techniques, mistakes, and other changes happening every month, a CRO professional needs to stay updated and have relative industry experience about the same. If they are not experienced, there are numerous challenges that await bringing them down to the lower conversion rate on their website. For example, if you make the wrong decisions in choosing the CRO platform and A/B testing hypotheses, it would affect the results and the conversions adversely.

Lack of resources and no defined procedure


Clubbing the two aspects in one, these two are inter-dependent issues that cause lower conversions rate. Let me tell you this with an example/study conducted by ConversionXL a few years ago, but the juice of the study is still quite practical. According to the survey, about 41% of businesses do not invest in an individual person who handles the CRO. In fact, there’s an entire team who shares the efforts. Hence, there’s no accountability.

When there’s no one specifically looking at the optimization, the minor things are missed like suggestions, running tests, and more which boosts conversions. Moreover, more than one person involved, the defined procedure is just a myth because there are many hands involved in the same.

No quality assurance

With so many people doing the same thing, you cannot be sure of the quality. With no cross-device testing, no cross-browser testing, etc., a huge number of errors is quite a common scenario.


When all the problems happened, the results are as follows:

Unmapped CRO capabilities. When the experience is low and the procedure is wrong, there are numerous CRO capabilities which are left unmapped.

Confined knowledge about the visitors and customers

Low conversion rates. As a result of the CRO mistakes that professionals make and the businesses overlook them, it all results in lower conversion rate.

If you are business who believes that conversion rate optimization is an easy job, think again. With the extensive knowledge about the challenged, mistakes, tactics, strategies and more, just conducting tests based on assumptions isn’t enough.


There are numerous solutions to it including having clear, defined process and a team that has people with individual responsibilities. Hence, once these things are taken care of, CRO of your business will turn out to be positive.


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