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Time to make some loyal customers and boost your conversion rate in 2017

Time to make some loyal customers and boost the conversion rate in 2017 | MockingFIsh

Loyal customers are not created overnight. Loyal, repeated customers are earned on the basis of the previous experience you provided them when they first came to shop with you. Conversion rates of a large number of eCommerce stores across the globe share a major proportion from the existing customers itself.

It is more easier to retain a customer than searching for a new one. Moreover, if you are constantly losing the old customers, even if you keep on getting the new customers, then this is a matter of great threat to your business. The whole online identity is maintained on the basis of how your customers think about you and your business. For all these reasons, it is a good time to discuss some ideas to boost your conversion rates by luring customer loyalty to your site.

It’s better to give some effort on winning back the repeated customers

1. Customers come back if they find quality- No customer would like to do a business with you again if their first/previous experience with you was nothing but a full compromise of quality. Let it be some intangible/digital product or a physical product, you can find quality as a metric in each of them. So, customers do not want to ever compromise with the quality, no matter what price they paid for it. Deliver, a good product and you will have some real loyal customer for your site. Thus, boosting the total conversion rate on the whole.

2. Customers come back if they find Support- Every eCommerce business stands on the pillar of support services. Without support services, your online business is nothing but an orphan website struggling to retain its identity. The support experience received by the customers during the previous contact can either encourage them to shop more with you or to abandon your site. So, a proper support system is necessary like anything this year and for all the upcoming years. You cannot afford to lose some loyal customers just because you cannot provide a satisfying support service:

  • Make your support system faster with some self-serving options, like order tracking, order cancellation, re-order, FAQs etc.
  • Do not stick to strict return or exchange policies. Make it a bit liberal so that they can avail it easily when in need.
  • Interact with customers on social media. Treat your social media presence as an other way to support your customers.
  • Resolve problems wherever found; let it be support tickets, social media comments, direct mail, or a phone call.
  • Make it easier for customers to reach you.

3. Customers come back if they find your price fair- Price your products and services fairly enough that matches with the customer’s expectations. No customer will abandon your site if they think they are not getting profit, but they will surely leave if they find themselves being gouged, and they will surely not come back. So, sometimes they can live with a non-profit deal, but they can never live with the sense of being cheated on prices. Provide all the pricing related information very clearly on the product pages, shopping cart, checkout page and payment page off-course. Don’t make prices a surprise, make them obvious.

4. Customers come back through quality and useful contents- Content marketing is the best way to boost a value to your online business that brings new customers and also retains the old customers. The quality content that you publish has the power to encourage the customers to shop again with you and become a loyal customer. However, a quality content with relevant information is a must here. The indirect relationship between your content quality and conversion rate is very easy to identify if you know how contents are important for your online business.

5. Customers come back through offers and discounts- Largest companies have always relied on the power of offers and discounts to lure the customers. The loyalty program of any online or offline business is not completed without including some irresistible offers. The best of the loyalty programs offer the customers with some discounts that keep them engaged while you win them back. These offers can be free gifts, Cash-backs, flat discounts or anything similar. Every offer and discount add value to your customer loyalty program and conversion rate optimization campaign too.

6. Customers come back if they find free shipping- Importance and need of free shipping have been a craze last year. It seems that this year is too going to see some serious offerings in terms of shipping services. It is not just about the cost of shipping but it it is also about the speed of shipping. It becomes real tough for customers to wait for longer time for product delivery after they make a purchase. The companies that have provided free shipping have earned fortunes last year. Moreover, amazon has earned more than fortunes with its faster delivery services even though most of the time they were not free. So, free delivery is not the thing that always works but faster delivery is also required.

For all the eCommerce stores, it makes sense to think about the ideas to retain their existing customers and also boost the conversion rates at the same time. The tips above can come handy in this case. When products are purchased at fair price, with excellent support, easy availability, and faster-cheaper delivery, they create a sense of satisfaction in the customers. A proper blend of all these factors will not only help in retaining the customers but also help in getting the new ones for the business. Thus, boosting your total effort applied on conversion optimization of your eCommerce site.


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